Chatty Cats: Invitations, Tunes and More!

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a pleasant week. We had a fun surprise last Friday. All of a sudden, we received an influx of followers on Instagram (over 150 in 24 hours, which is a lot for our account). Turns out, one of the big cat accounts (cats_of_instagram) featured a photo of our own Miss Olive!

I thought it was very nice that several cat moms reached out to us to say how cute Olive is and how she looks so similar to their own tortie, or that she reminds them of a tortie they once had. Some even sent photos of their cat. One sent photos of her tortie and her white cat together – like Olive and Sophie – but her two cats actually get along.

The whole tortie cat mom exchange thing was sweet. Tortie love runs deep! Anyway, if you want to see the featured photo of Olive, here it is!

Don’t worry, all the attention hasn’t gone to Olive’s head. But Sophie is a little miffed. And here is what the cats were chatting about this past week.

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Chatty Cats: Jammies, BFFs and More!

Welcome to Friday, friends! The other day, Ross asked me how many of these daily chats I’ve published on Facebook and Instagram. Yesterday marked the 207th consecutive chat posted on social media. And today is the 28th Friday recap post. When I initially started the daily chats, it was my effort to post more consistently on Facebook and Instagram. I think 207 days in a row is a pretty solid effort!

While I don’t have any plans of stopping the daily chats (er, I mean the cats don’t), I also can’t say how long I’ll keep it up. Maybe I’ll try for 365 days and then ask the cats if they want to keep going. :-)

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