Chatty Cats: Shyness, Presents and More!

Happy Friday! As you’ll read below, it’s been a long week. I imagine returning from a trip, no matter how short, always makes the next week feel a little long. Here’s to hoping that the weekend doesn’t feel too short!

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Chatty Cats: Sunshine, Whiskers and More!

Happy Friday! Cat Dad and I are off on a quick trip right now, and the cats (and Eddie) are having fun with their grandpa who is staying at our house. What a fun adventure for him. Any Harry Potter fans out there? Ross and I are seeing the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in San Francisco, which takes place over two evenings. Should be fun!

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Chatty Cats: Bloopers, Resolutions and More!

Happy Friday! With the holidays behind us, things are slowly returning to normal. Ross went back to work yesterday after two weeks off (he works for a university), and the house is now its boring self (holiday decorations put away). We have a very quick trip planned at the end of next week. And then after that, we’ll be back into the full swing of normalness. Well, you know what I mean. How about you? Have you settled into the new year already?

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2019 – The Year of Olive!

Well, 2019 is about to end, and it’s always fun looking back at things that took place during the year. As many know, I post daily photos (with accompanying chats) on both Facebook and Instagram – and then post the week’s recap here on the blog each Friday. So, I thought I’d look back at the cats’ top-performing Instagram posts – and it turns out that 2019 is the Year of Olive!

  • Six of the top nine slots feature Miss Olive! (Of course, she’s not surprised.)
  • Dexter swooped in at the last minute to claim the number one spot. He literally received one more “like” than Olive’s photo. (Olive refuses to speak to him now.)
  • Sophie rounds out the top nine with two photos. (Olive can’t believe it!)
  • Woodrow has to share his lone photo with Olive. (She’s not sure if this is worse than Sophie’s two photos.)
  • Harley doesn’t make a single appearance. (Olive was a bit surprised by this, but then again, she can’t think of a photo of hers that doesn’t deserve to be included, so there’s just no room for him.)

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Chatty Cats: Christmas, Dexter Claus and More!

Happy Friday! We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We had a nice holiday at home – just the two humans, five cats and one dog. After traveling for Thanksgiving, it’s nice to have a quiet holiday at home. If you celebrated, how did you spend Christmas?

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