An Exciting Announcement for #RememberMeThursday

For the past two years, Three Chatty Cats has been honored to participate in Remember Me Thursday, which is a global movement to help shine a light on orphan pets waiting for their forever homes in shelters and rescues.

This year, Remember Me Thursday, which was created by Mike Arms, President and CEO of Helen Woodward Animal Center, will take place on September 27, 2018.

We have an exciting announcement today about our participation in Remember Me Thursday. But for those not familiar with the event, let’s first find out what it’s all about. Continue reading “An Exciting Announcement for #RememberMeThursday”

We Have a Face Sleeper!

A Midnight Story Starring Harley

One night last week, in the middle of the night, Harley moved from the end of the bed up to my pillow. That’s normal for him – he sleeps on my pillow for part of the night a few times a week.

But what surprised me is that he then laid his cheek right next to my cheek. Very cute – snuggling cheek to cheek with my Harley. I nudged my husband to show him. Yes, very cute, he thought.

Well, I thought cheek to cheek was cute. But what Harley did next made my heart burst! Continue reading “We Have a Face Sleeper!”

Chatty Cats: Piggies, Disappointment and More!

We’ll be a bit of an empty house today. Three cats have dental cleanings! Olive, Sophie and Woodrow are off to the vet this morning. Poor Olive, an unplanned vet appointment last Friday and now a planned one today. I’ll be dropping them off at 7:00 this morning and will likely be able to pick them up around 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon. They’ll be plenty mad at me. Well, at least Olive anyway. I’m pretty sure that Woodrow thinks Ross and I can do no wrong. And Sophie will just think it’s a fun adventure.

Here’s what the cats were chatting about this past week!

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Harley Gets to Know Himself (Basepaws Giveaway!)

The other morning, I was sipping my coffee in bed, checking emails on my tablet, and I felt a tap, tap, tap on my knee. I looked over to find two crossed blue eyes peering at me. “Can I help you?” I asked Harley. He crawled up and settled right down next to me and said, “Mama, who am I?”

adorable Siamese cat with crossed eyes
“Mama, who am I?”

Huh? Well, I guess there comes a time in a cat’s life when he wants to know where he comes from…what makes him who he is. Not just his personality, but what makes up his core – his DNA. Well, Harley is in luck!

Enter Basepaws, the company behind the CatKit, which is a DNA test for cats!

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Catio Weekend Fun

We’ve arrived at another Monday. I thought I’d pop in and share these fun catio shots from the weekend. Wishing you a wonderful week!

First off, Olive wants to thank everyone for the good wishes. Her appetite is back and she ate heartily all weekend! Good thing because she has a dental planned for Friday. Shh, don’t tell her.

gorgeous tortie cat in catio Continue reading “Catio Weekend Fun”