Volunteering at a Cat Sanctuary

Many cat lovers want to give back – and what better way to do so than by volunteering your time. Today we have a guest post by Stephanie Lynch on one aspect of volunteering. The pictures in this post are from when I volunteered at Cat World at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in October 2015. ~Rachel

Volunteering at a Cat Sanctuary

By Stephanie Lynch

Do you love cats? If you’re looking into volunteering at a cat sanctuary, it’s probably safe to say that you are a feline enthusiast. Volunteering your time at a shelter for cats can be a very rewarding experience, but it can also be hard work. Here are some things to consider when volunteering at a cat sanctuary. Continue reading “Volunteering at a Cat Sanctuary”

Pet Hydration – all the cool cats are talking about it! #pethydrationmonth




Sophie: It’s very important for us kitties to stay hydrated. According to PetSafe, July is Pet Hydration Month and Continue reading “Pet Hydration – all the cool cats are talking about it! #pethydrationmonth”

Why Does My Cat Scratch?

Three Chatty Cats is proud to feature a guest post today from our friends at Indoor Paws, a site that is a dedicated resource center for owners of indoor cats. This guest post from Indoor Paws is an excellent follow-up to our post on declaw awareness.

Scratching and stretching is extremely important for cats. When cats roam outside, this activity will mostly take place there, using rocks, trees and rough surfaces to keep their claws on form. However, when keeping an indoor cat Continue reading “Why Does My Cat Scratch?”

The Lowdown and Dirty on Declawing

Declawing, a.k.a. onychectomy, is a very heated and controversial topic. In honor of Declaw Awareness Day (March 29th), I want to do just that – raise awareness about what declawing is and its harmful effects on cats. I can only assume that the majority of cat owners who have the elective procedure performed on their cats simply don’t understand what is actually involved with the surgery, hence Declaw Awareness Day!

Problems with Declawing

Here are some snippets I’ve grabbed from the wonderful worldwide web. I hope, hope, hope that someone considering declawing does their own thorough research and then realizes why they should not declaw their cat. Continue reading “The Lowdown and Dirty on Declawing”

The Importance of TNR

So far on Three Chatty Cats I have tried to highlight the positive side of rescuing by presenting cat rescue groups, foster parents, people who use their photography talents and those who do TNR. But rescuing cats and kittens isn’t always bright and cheery. And today’s post highlights the importance of TNR – and how it doesn’t always work out for kittens born to feral cats.

When I was in contact with SLU Campus Cat Coalition regarding their profile, Leyna shared with the me the story of two kittens, who sadly did not make it. And to reiterate the importance of TNR, I would like to share with you those two stories now. Although this is a somber post, I feel it is valuable to share. So, here is the story of Sundae and Button, who have both crossed the rainbow bridge. Continue reading “The Importance of TNR”

Catios and Catteries and Cats – Oh My!

Let’s talk about catios! Known as catteries to some, it’s basically an outdoor enclosure for your indoor-only cat.

I would love to build a giant catio for our three cats, but I don’t have the space. So instead, they’re stuck with a 4 ft x 8 ft x 6 ft wired, covered dog kennel that at least allows them some outside enjoyment (I purchased this one here). It’s set up in our back patio and pushed up against the house. The hubby cut a hole in our dining room wall (and the kennel) and installed a cat door so they can come and go as they please. I did add flooring to the kennel (constructed by myself!), so the cats would be raised off the ground in the off chance that it ever rains in Southern California.

Dexter and Olive testing out their new digs two years ago.

Sophie, who came to us at the ripe old age of six months, spends the most time in the catio, likely harkening back to her free-roaming days on the streets. Continue reading “Catios and Catteries and Cats – Oh My!”

Is it play fighting or real fighting?

Dexter tackling SophieIf you have more than one cat in your house, then there’s a good chance you’ve witnessed a play session or two. There’s the running around while chasing each other type of play session. There’s the play session that involves batting a string or a fluffy ball back and forth. And then there’s the play session that involves wrestling – you know the kind – where one rears up on their hind legs, paws are flying between the two, and then it ends with a pounce-attack! Does that sound familiar?

Play fighting is both natural and good for your cats. It can be a bonding experience for them and it’s also good exercise! However, sometimes it may be difficult to decipher if it’s real fighting or just a friendly play fight. Here are some things that I’ve learned and witnessed while being a cat servant owner. Continue reading “Is it play fighting or real fighting?”

How Can I Help?

How can I help?
Olive wants to help!

We all want to rescue and save all the cats and kittens. Am I right? But sometimes the thought is overwhelming and it feels like such a daunting undertaking. There are so many homeless cats out there waiting for their forever homes. How do we save them all?

Little by little. Kitty by kitty.

“How can I help?” you may ask. Some people think donating money and volunteering time are the only ways to help. And those are certainly wonderful things to do!

But perhaps money is tight or time is a luxury you just don’t have at the moment. Here are some easy – but HELPFUL – things you can do from your cozy chair at home! Continue reading “How Can I Help?”