Where’s that Jackson Galaxy going?

I know I’m on a quick blogging hiatus (see why here), but I just had to share this with you!


As you know, June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month and guess what’s making this month even better? Jackson Galaxy will personally be driving over 1,000 miles to help save homeless cats for The Jackson Galaxy Foundation’s (JGF) new program, Operation Homeward Bound.

Here’s the full scoop, straight from JGF. Continue reading “Where’s that Jackson Galaxy going?”

How “Return to Field” is Saving Thousands of Lives

Linda Rodgers volunteers with several cat rescue organizations in the East San Francisco Bay Area of California, including a public animal services shelter.

At one of her favorite volunteer events called SNIP (spay, neuter impact program), Linda met the founder of Outcast Cat Help, who is the transfer partner that initiated a Return to Field (RTF) program at the local county shelter – which is how Linda came to be involved with RTF.

Being familiar with Trap Neuter Return (TNR), but having never heard of RTF before, I asked Linda Continue reading “How “Return to Field” is Saving Thousands of Lives”

The Art of Rescuing: Kayt Hester

Kayt Hester is an artist and cat lover who uses her artistic talents to help raise funds for local rescue groups in her area. Her artwork is created from bits of hand torn black masking tape and is quite unique and fascinating. Kayt also runs a pet supply store called Fussy Friends in Jersey City, NJ, where she gets to play with and help socialize the cats who are waiting for adoption from two local rescue groups. And in addition to all of that, Kayt also cares for feral cats!

A conversation with Kayt

How did you get involved in helping local cat rescues?
I am an artist with a pretty decent fan base here in Jersey City. I discovered that my cat art was popular and sold quickly. Knowing that my friends who run these local rescue groups will often spend their own money caring for their rescues, I thought Continue reading “The Art of Rescuing: Kayt Hester”

Rescuer Amanda Whitman: 500 felines and counting!

Amanda Whitman is quite the extraordinary cat rescuer and has touched the lives of so many cats in a short amount of time. Residing in Southern West Virginia and currently a Junior at the University of Charleston, Amanda is a pre-professional biology major, hoping to attend vet school soon. With no plans of stopping her cat rescuing efforts, Amanda is in the process of becoming a 501(c)3 rescue.

A conversation with Amanda

Amanda WhitmanHow did you get into rescuing? 
I first started rescuing on February 1st, 2015. I saw on the Facebook page of a rescue group that eight cats were in our local high-kill pound awaiting euthanasia. I looked at their heartbreaking photos and said to myself this isn’t the end for them. I contacted two rescue groups, who agreed to help me by each rescue taking four cats. I haven’t stopped since Continue reading “Rescuer Amanda Whitman: 500 felines and counting!”

Feral Cat Colony with Donna

Donna K. has been working with a colony of feral cats in Northeast Ohio for the last three months. And in those few short months, the 12 cats that she has been able to TNR are now happier and healthier. She still has a few more to go, but Donna is determined and committed to TNRing the rest of the group, along with providing continual care and food.

A conversation with Donna

How did you come into caring for the colony?
Driving by this area twice a day, I kept noticing what I thought was one white cat. I stopped to feed it and put out a shelter and that is when three came out of hiding. A few days later, I stopped and found the owner of the property/building and I inquired about the cats. He then told me there are about 12-14 cats. I have documented at least 21 cats living there. Continue reading “Feral Cat Colony with Donna”