Adoption Tails: Choosing Black Cats

Today’s post is the kickoff to my Adoption Tails series. Each post will focus on a different aspect of adoption or something to consider when adopting a cat. And what better month to start this series than in June, which is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month! So, let’s get started with the series and look at an often overlooked color of cat when it comes to adoptions. Continue reading “Adoption Tails: Choosing Black Cats”

The One That Got Away

Last month I did a profile on foster parent and fellow blogger Heather Davies. I asked her at the time if she had a favorite foster story to share. While she said she had a couple, her nearest foster fail was a kitten named Hamish. So today, Heather is doing a guest post to share Hamish’s story with us. The quoted text in the story contains passages from original posts from Heather’s blog.

The Story of Hamish

by Heather Davies

Beautiful queen, Arabelle, and her six kittens were brought to Toronto Cat Rescue from one of our partner shelters outside the city. She was friendly and Continue reading “The One That Got Away”

Caelum Gets Adopted!

white cat with blue eyesSophie here! You may remember that the Human Lady Mama told you how she attended America’s Family Pet Expo last month. You can read all about that here. At the end of the post, she teased that she was going to be sharing an adoption story that came from that very expo. That is one of the things that makes the expo so great – all of the animals who find forever homes! Since the Mama said I could have more blog time, I thought I should be the one to tell you about this fellow kitty’s adoption.

So, it was a dark and stormy night… (Sophie! Stick to the facts.) Ugh, the Mama is no fun! But she’s right. We don’t have many dark and stormy nights in Southern California. Let me start again. Continue reading “Caelum Gets Adopted!”

Happy Tails – A Rescue Story: Fussy

One of the wonderful cat rescues we have featured is Save the Cats Arizona. They are a 501(c)3 sanctuary based in Gilbert, AZ – and you can read their profile post here. Today we get to share with you one of their rescue stories, as told by Terry, a Board Member and the Volunteer & Sanctuary Coordinator for Save the Cats Arizona.

Terry shares Fussy’s story

FussyFussy was a scrappy, skinny and very scared cat that we rescued from a 110 acre preserve in Gilbert. He had Continue reading “Happy Tails – A Rescue Story: Fussy”

Our Cats Find Us

Today’s heartwarming tail tale comes from Jo Singer, the “two-legged furless one” behind the wonderful site Purrabula – A Feline’s Search for Meaning. But before you mosey on over to read the musings of Jo’s three cats, why not learn about how the gang of three came to be and how Jo became their chosen one.

Our Cats find us: Don’t you agree?

My name is Jo Singer. My husband Marty and I live in Central Florida; after we transplanted ourselves to the Sunshine State in 2001. Kitties have captured our hearts forever. Continue reading “Our Cats Find Us”