Kitty Close-up: Dan Sandy and his 58,000 feline photos

By day, Dan Sandy has been a Computer-Aided Drafter for the past 14 years and is currently a Technical Designer (CADD) in Northeastern Ohio. But Dan doesn’t just use his skills to make maps, blueprints and other technical schematics, he also volunteers at the Cleveland Animal Protective League and takes photos of their shelter cats. He has been volunteering and photographing at Cleveland APL since August 2009.

A Conversation with Dan

Dan Sandy - PhotographerPlease explain a little bit about Cleveland APL:
Located in the Tremont area of Cleveland, the Cleveland Animal Protective League relies solely on donations and program fees to investigate and prosecute animal cruelty in Cuyahoga County and assist nearly 15,000 homeless animals a year through a variety of progressive programs. The Cleveland APL has been creating “happily ever afters” in Northeast Ohio since 1913. Continue reading “Kitty Close-up: Dan Sandy and his 58,000 feline photos”

Cats in Bow Ties (and giveaway!)

Back in February, we introduced you to Lindsi Jones, a professional photographer who volunteers at Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary in Thomasville, Georgia. Lindsi photographs the kitties at the sanctuary and you can read the original post about Lindsi here.

During her time with Miss Kitty, Lindsi started a photographic series called Cats in Bow Ties, with the goal of photographing 101 cats modeling bow ties in an effort to raise awareness for adoptions and also show how beautiful cats truly are. All cats in the series are either current residents, former residents, or fellow kitty supporters of the Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary.

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Kitty Close-up: “Catographer” Marianna in Italy

Marianna is an amateur photographer in Vicenza, Italy who has a passion for both cats and photography (a catographer!). An office employee by day, Marianna enjoys photographing her feline friends and she also started a Facebook page to help stray cats find their forever homes.

In Marianna’s own words

I am not a professional photographer, but I have recently discovered a passion for Continue reading “Kitty Close-up: “Catographer” Marianna in Italy”

Kitty Close-up: Angel in The Netherlands

Angel volunteers at her local animal shelter in The Netherlands and takes beautiful pictures of the cats and kittens who are waiting for their forever homes. She takes several pictures of each cat and selects her favorite two or three shots. Angel then gives those pictures to the shelter and they can choose which one to use for their database and website. She photographs two to three times a week at the shelter.


A Conversation with Angel

What is the shelter like? 
The shelter helps a lot of different animals like cats, dogs, (pet) birds, rabbits, hamsters, etc. The animals can stay at the shelter as long as they need to find a forever home. There is no time limit and Continue reading “Kitty Close-up: Angel in The Netherlands”

Erinn – Shelter Photographer

Erinn R. volunteers and takes photos at Adams County Animal Shelter located in Commerce City, Colorado. The government-owned shelter covers seven counties north of Denver. Erinn says, “It is an older shelter on the far side of town that doesn’t get as much foot traffic. I take photos in hopes to bring more people in to visit the cats and dogs.”

Erinn uses an A7 Sony with a 50mm prime lens. She finds that natural light works best for her photos, not flash or LED.

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Shelter Life Photography with Lizzy

Fellow blogger, Lizzy, photographs cats and dogs at an open-admission shelter in a small town in rural Massachusetts. She is the Humane Educator at the shelter. “I always joke that children and animals are the best. It is the human adults that are so difficult to understand.” Lizzy photographs almost daily at the shelter and organizes a lot of the marketing materials for animals, special events, and promotions. “If it is a sunny day, I just photograph to capture any kind of cuteness that I can.”

From her blog Shelter Life Photography: I have been working in the animal sheltering world for 3+ years and have found the most amazing inspiration. Every day I photograph homeless animals in search of love and companionship. I am so happy to share these images and hope they inspire other photographers to donate their time at their local animal shelter.

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Photographer Lindsi Jones

To continue with Photo Fun Friday – why not showcase a real photographer and her photos?

Linsdi Jones is a professional photographer whose day job includes shooting weddings, portraits and features for local and regional magazines in Southern Georgia. Lindsi has a soft spot for cats and uses her photography skills to take pictures of shelter cats, which undoubtedly helps with their adoptions.

Lindsi Jones Photography Continue reading “Photographer Lindsi Jones”