Catching Up with Foster Parent Heather

kittens in a cardboard boxHeather Davies is a foster parent for Toronto Cat Rescue (TCR) in Canada and has been with the group for three years. When I asked Heather how she got into fostering, she said that she wanted a way to “pay back” for the two awesome cats she adopted from TCR. She also follows Foster Dad John at The Critter Room and found him very inspiring.

Having recently taken in her 64th and 65th fosters (a.k.a the Wee Trees), Heather has Continue reading “Catching Up with Foster Parent Heather”

Happy Tails – Foster Parent Jackie

Jackie M. has fostered around 40 cats over the years. She currently fosters for Almost Home Foundation in Illinois, an all volunteer, foster-based rescue group that works with both cats and dogs. Jackie currently has 10 animals in her house – three cats and two dogs of her own, plus five foster cats – a momma and her four newborn kittens.

A conversation with Jackie

How did you get into fostering?
I lost my cat to diabetes and Continue reading “Happy Tails – Foster Parent Jackie”

Happy Tails – Foster Parent Stacy

Stacy Hurt, a fellow cat blogger, has been fostering kitties in an unofficial capacity her whole life – either caring for someone else’s cat or perhaps a stray. But in an official capacity, Stacy has been fostering for about two years for MeoowzResQ. She currently is a “vacation foster” – which means she cares for cats whose foster parents are away, or for kitties that are waiting for their “permanent” foster home.

In the past two years, Stacy has fostered 20 cats, not including all of the “vacation” kitties!

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Happy Tails – Foster Parent Valerie

Valerie B. has been fostering cats and kittens in the Anaheim, California area for just under three years for MeoowzResQ. All costs to foster are covered by the rescue, which means Valerie can focus solely on caring for the lucky kittens and cats in her care.

To date, Valerie has fostered and adopted out 79 kitties!

A Conversation with Valerie

Valerie picking up a new foster, Pasadena

How did you get into fostering?
My boyfriend and I had just moved in together in Anaheim from Oceanside, and we both always had pets. We considered a dog, but knew our schedules would not be suitable for a puppy. I always had cats and wanted one, but he said he was allergic. Of course, I didn’t believe he was. One day I was helping someone look for local volunteer opportunities when Continue reading “Happy Tails – Foster Parent Valerie”