PEP! The Pet Education Project

Erica Callais Falbaum is the founder and president of PEP! The Pet Education Project, based in Shreveport, Louisiana. From their mission statement, PEP! is an education and outreach program that teaches the core responsibilities of pet ownership. A volunteer-run 501(c)3, they strive to foster humane habits in children and citizens of their community in order to reduce pet overpopulation, abuse, neglect and euthanasia.

A conversation with Erica

What is PEP! all about? 
We are working to educate kids so they understand the core principles of being a responsible pet owner. We teach each student about topics that Continue reading “PEP! The Pet Education Project”

Cat Pawsitive with the Jackson Galaxy Foundation

My guess is that if you’re reading this blog, you probably know who Jackson Galaxy is…but I suppose there is still a chance that you’re a cat lover and you’ve never heard of him. So just in case, Jackson Galaxy (a.k.a. America’s Cat Daddy) is best known for hosting the Animal Planet show “My Cat from Hell,” where he helped cat owners work on their cats’ behavioral issues. But before that, Jackson started his career with Continue reading “Cat Pawsitive with the Jackson Galaxy Foundation”

“The Upstairs Cat” – Book One in the “Rescue Me” Series

While browsing through the cat adoption area last month at America’s Family Pet Expo, I happened upon a table with several copies of a bright yellow book with an adorable cover. Being the cat book collector that I am, I browsed through the first few pages and knew I had to add this charming book to my collection. But “The Upstairs Cat” is not just any children’s book. It is the first to be published in the “Rescue Me” book series. Author and creator of the series Jaimi Ilama is also the President of Open Door Publishing (Books for Kids), which is a nonprofit 501(c)3 and the publishing company of the “Rescue Me” series.

The Open Door Publishing mission statement is: Printing books for children that open the door to social issues with stories that promote awareness, acceptance, and tolerance to all living things.

The Upstairs Cat book cover

A conversation with Jaimi

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Urban Feline with Andrés Zepeda

I first learned of the company Urban Feline, Inc. while watching the morning news one Saturday. They were covering a local pet expo and Andrés Zepeda, the president of the company, was being interviewed about his products and furniture for cats.

But what really caught my attention was the work that Andrés has done with shelters by donating furniture and offering free repair services if they ever need something fixed. He also volunteers by offering feline therapy at various shelters and a local cat café to overcome adoption challenges. Andrés says, “Providing distressed animals with a healing touch is by far the most rewarding part of what I do.”

Urban Feline is based in Chula Vista, California and incorporated in 2010. Their ultimate goal is to Continue reading “Urban Feline with Andrés Zepeda”

Paw vs Paw

While browsing through the endless pictures of cats on Instagram, I discovered this fun animal site geared toward cat (and dog) lovers: Paw vs Paw! It fills the need to look at cute animal pictures – but with a twist!

Paw vs. Paw logoTwo cats (or dogs) face off against each other (hence, paw vs paw) and you get to vote for the cutest one of the two. Don’t worry, if you’re struggling, there’s an option to say you can’t decide because they’re both just too cute!

The site, still in its infancy, is about more than simply showing off cute cat and dog pictures. The ultimate goal of the site is to help animal rescues and save lives. We can’t all start an animal rescue or be a foster parent (as much as we would love to be), so Paw vs Paw founder, Jason Brignola, thought this would be his way to help all paws in need. Continue reading “Paw vs Paw”