Chatty Cats: Letters, Amateurs and More!

Happy Friday! I’ll say that again – happy Friday! As you may have noticed, I’m happy that it’s finally Friday. This has been a long week for me and I’m ready to enjoy the weekend. Who’s with me?

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Chatty Cats: Harry Potter, Earthquakes and More!

Happy Friday! We hope everyone had a happy and safe Independence Day yesterday. We started the day off with an earthquake here in Southern California. The latest report I heard – it was a 6.4 around Ridgecrest, California. I’m in Orange County, over 100 miles away, and it felt like a rolling earthquake here – almost like being on a big, swaying boat. When you’re closer to the epicenter (which we were not), it feels more jarring and like the floor is jumping. It was noticeable here, but definitely no damage in my area.

Other than that, we had a nice July 4th. We attended a potluck but were home with the pets before the fireworks started in earnest. As I mentioned on social media, our pets aren’t really bothered by them. Still, I feel better being home with them to be able to monitor them. And all is well! I hope your pets did okay yesterday.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week! Continue reading “Chatty Cats: Harry Potter, Earthquakes and More!”

Chatty Cats: Singing, Selfies and More!

Happy Friday! Yesterday, we celebrated another gotcha gay – Dexter’s 9th! You may remember that we celebrated Olive’s gotcha day a couple weeks ago. We found both Dexter and Olive as strays in the month of June – Dexter nearly one year before Olive. I shared Olive’s kitten photos last time…so here are a few of little Dexter. Continue reading “Chatty Cats: Singing, Selfies and More!”