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Chatty Cats: Tuxedos, Fireworks and More!

Happy Friday! Did everyone have a nice Fourth of July yesterday here in the U.S.? Hopefully, there weren’t too many fireworks going off around you and your kitties. Luckily, our cats (and dog) aren’t afraid of them.

Wishing everyone a nice and relaxing weekend!

Meet Tux

Sophie: What?!? Another cat?
Mama: His name is Tux.
Sophie: He smells funny.
Mama: He shouldn’t smell at all. He’s plastic.
Sophie: What?!? You’re replacing us with plastic cats?
Mama: I didn’t say that. Although, that would mean less scooping.
Sophie: Watch yourself, everyone! Mama’s going crazy!

This is a new cat build from LEGO. What’s so cool about this is that a fan submitted the design (inspired by his own cat Miro), and it reached 10,000 votes, so LEGO created it! Wouldn’t it be fun if LEGO did a whole series of cats?

The Week in Photos

In honor of the Fourth of July, the cats showed off their whisker fireworks.

Olive’s fireworks were on full display.

pretty tortie cat with black whiskers

Dexter put on a small show of fireworks with his eyebrows.

close up of tabby cat's face and eyebrows

Woodrow let the sun catch his fireworks.

tabby cat in sunlight with bright white whiskers

Sophie had some food on her fireworks.

white cat with food on her whiskers

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  1. We think the cats’ displays of fireworks were not only QUIETER than here but cuter too!

    Hugs, Teddy
    p.s. That lego tux is amazing – and he wouldn’t steal my treats either if I had him!

  2. Don’t worry Sophie. Plastic cats aren’t as much fun as real ones even if we have to scoop!

  3. That Lego cat is too cool!!!! Yes it would be fun if Lego created more…and even MORE fun for the cats to knock them all down!! MOL! It was a little quieter than usual here on the 4th but neither Roary or Levi are bothered by the fireworks noise anyway, so that’s good. Levi just reacts to when I add spice to food and stir eggs……….but not fireworks…..go figure lol

  4. That is a cool lego cat. My great niece loves to assemble them, I wonder if she could handle that one. I like all your fireworks better than real ones. XO

  5. tux iz one kewl dood, but we R partial ta tuxeez heer in TT
    happee week end 🐟‼️😺

  6. I’m so happy to hear the kitties and pup aren’t affected by firework noise! We had a stressful 4th of July, despite a cool drone show in place of the fireworks that go off two blocks from the cottage. There were too many other shows close by and idiots setting them off in the neighborhood at 2:00 am. Samantha was in distress most of the evening of the 4th. And of course so was cat mama…

  7. Tux is really amazing! We’re glad your furkids aren’t scared of them. We’re lucky that way, too. Ava and Target are pretty nonplussed by them. A knock at the door is a different story, though.