tabby cat looking up

Chatty Cats: Hunting, Giveaways and More!

Happy Friday! Look at that, we’ve arrived at yet another Friday. This month is certainly zipping right along. If you didn’t see it, earlier this week I posted a giveaway that I’m hosting for a very nice air purifier designed specifically for pet odors. It’s open until Sunday, so hop on over and enter (if you’re in the U.S.). Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Mighty Huntress

determined looking tortie cat walking

Mama: Whatcha doing, Olive?
Olive: Hunting.
Mama: Hunting what?
Olive: Someone’s being nosey.
Mama: Oh, sorry.
Olive: Attack!
Mama: That’s my foot!
Olive: And now you have your answer.

The Week in Photos

Woodrow tracked a fly.

tabby cat with tooth caught on lip looking up

Olive sat in a box.

tortie cat sitting in a cardboard box

Sophie rested on Dexter’s legs.

white cat resting on another cat's legs

Dexter got comfy (after Sophie left).

tabby cat rolled over and stretching

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  1. happee week end two ewe all and hope de week a head iz grate
    and quiet what with de holly day on thirz day 😼‼️🐟💙