QAIS-air- 04 air purifier

Stop litter box odors with the QAIS-air- 04 air purifier

With four cats in our house, one might suspect that battling litter box odors is a full-time job. But that’s not the case since we started using the QAIS-air- 04 air purifier from Sunstar. We’ve been using the air purifier for about six months, so let’s dive into what we think.

Disclosure: We received the Sunstar QAIS-air- 04 free to try out. We then purchased a second one since we liked it so much. Some links below are affiliate links. If you make a purchase using an affiliate link, Three Chatty Cats will earn a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay for the item. We are being compensated for this post. All opinions stated here are our own. Three Chatty Cats only shares information we feel would be relevant to our readers.

Our Litter Areas

We have a two-story home and a litter setup on each floor. Each litter area is tucked into a spare closet, with a little cat door for entry and exit. And of course, we added a small air purifier unit in each closet. But, that initial unit struggled to eliminate all odors in the tiny space.

Our downstairs litter area, while inside a closet, is in our living room, so it is a high-traffic area in our house. Occasionally, one may get a whiff of the litter box while walking by.

litter closet in a living room
Litter closet in our living room

Our upstairs litter closet is in our cat room. It gets used the most by all four of our cats, so it could get a bit stinky sometimes, even with that existing air purifier we had in the space.

litter closet in our cat room
Litter closet in our cat room

Note that we have a Litter-Robot 4 in each litter closet. After a cat goes to the bathroom in the automatic litter box, it’s set to cycle and deposit the waste in the drawer after seven minutes (to allow for proper clumping). So, during those seven minutes, odors will be more obvious and seep outside the litter closet. Upstairs, we also have a traditional litter box since Dexter never took to the Litter-Robot. So unless we scoop immediately, the waste sits in that open litter box for a bit.

Sunstar QAIS-air- 04 Air Purifier

I was so happy to receive the QAIS-air- 04 air purifier for free to try out in January this year (we later purchased a second one). The air purifier is specifically designed to stop pet odors. As in, it’s not a traditional air purifier that might be just okay against pet odors – like the one we used previously (which didn’t really get the job done), whereas the QAIS-air- 04 air purifier’s main purpose is to eliminate pet odors.

Let’s unbox the QAIS-air- 04 and see what’s included:

  • Air purifier unit
  • Power cord with cord covers
  • Mounting bracket
  • Screws and nails
  • Manual and installation instructions
top of QAIS-air- 04 air purifier
Top of the unit.

Installing the Unit

While the QAIS-air- 04 air purifier does require some tools and installation, it was pretty quick to install. In fact, it took me less than 10 minutes to do it by myself. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Decide where to install the unit and tape the installation instructions to the wall. (The unit should be about two feet above the litter box to capture odors as they rise.)
  • Attach the bracket to the wall with two of the eight included nails on top of the instructions.
  • Gently slide the paper off the wall.
  • Use the remaining six nails to firmly secure the bracket to the wall.
  • Slide the air purifier unit onto the bracket and plug it in.
  • Lastly, install the cord covers for a clean finish (and to also deter curious cats from batting around a loose cord).

Note that I used the provided nails since I was installing on drywall. But the air purifier also comes with screws in case you’re installing on a different type of surface.

Below are photos showing how I installed the air purifier in our downstairs litter closet.

And here’s what it looks like installed in our litter closets!

QAIS-air- 04 Pros and Cons

We’ve been using the QAIS-air- 04 air purifier for nearly six months, and here are my pros and cons.


  • Lightweight (3.5 pounds) and easy to install.
  • It’s quiet!
  • There is no filter that needs replacing.
  • Designed specifically for pet odors (ammonia), not general air filtering.
  • No masking of pet odors – it eliminates and deodorizes them.
  • It doesn’t look like a typical air purifier – nice design.

Since the QAIS-air- 04 works well at eliminating pet odors, the two big pluses for me are that the unit is so quiet and that no filter needs replacing.

All previous air purifiers we’ve used, while they haven’t been flat out loud, I could still hear them behind the closed closet door. With the QAIS-air- 04, I can’t hear it at all. And not needing to replace a filter is wonderful – no added cost over time (or the need to set reminders to change it).


Honestly, the only drawback I can think of is that it’s a bit pricey. Currently, the listing price for the QAIS-air- 04 is $349.00 on Amazon. But at the time of this writing, for example, there’s a $100 off coupon, bringing it down to $249.00. So my suggestion would be to watch for discounts and sales before buying it.

The Verdict

So, does the QAIS-air- 04 air purifier actually work? Yes! I liked the first one so much that I purchased a second one for our other litter closet.

The only caveat I’ll give is that our two QAIS-air- 04 air purifiers are installed in closets. So, it’s a pretty small space to eliminate pet odors. I can’t speak to how it works in an open room. But on the flip side, a small closet that’s full of cat litter and waste could become quite stinky without the QAIS-air- 04. In fact, the air purifiers I used before still didn’t eliminate all odors, but the QAIS-air- 04 does.

The QAIS-air- 04 air purifier has a boost mode to help clear pet odors quickly. I have not used it yet.

Olive asks for a little privacy, please!

Where to Buy

If you’re interested in buying one, you can purchase the QAIS-air- 04 on Amazon. As noted earlier, the list price is currently $349.00, but Sunstar seems to list discounts or coupons on Amazon (like the ones available at the time of this writing, bringing the price down to $249.00).

Purchase QAIS-air- 04 on Amazon

QAIS-air- 04 air purifier

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  1. That sounds pretty nice. I used an air filter in the litterbox room at my last house. It had the filters and I was never quite sure how much it helped (although it did to some extent). The only other caveat I see here is that you need an electrical outlet near the place of installation. BTW I loved your cat door so much I bought one just like it. Looks so much nicer than most cat doors.

  2. That’s an interesting product and it’s great that it can work in such a small space! Plus, you’re giving me litter box location ideas with your setups!

  3. That is a bit pricey. Most closets don’t have plugs in them. Did you have to use an extension cord to plug that in or do you have an outlet in the closets?

    1. Good question. I have an outlet inside the downstairs closet. The upstairs one is plugged into a surge protector, so not really an extension cord. But the surge protector cord is plugged in right outside the closet – the outlet is maybe a foot away from the door.

  4. I never thought about a special air purifier use for the litterbox. That sounds like a good idea and this gizmo looks like a perfect size.

  5. This would be great to have for any area that tends to be musty or smelly. Looks like a really good unit.

  6. I love the idea, I don’t have one by the litter box yet, but its something to consider, thanks for the chance!

  7. We recently took in a pregnant stray and she gave birth to 4 kittens. With that many furballs, an air purifier is necessary! :)

  8. We don’t have an air purifier and I don’t really know why… It’s about time we get one with 3 cats & a dog in the house.

  9. This would be so great for my mother. She is 91 and sometimes she doesn’t get the litter cleaned as well as she should. She is legally blind also.

  10. I have not used an air purifier before but would like to and think it would really help in my older home

  11. I have an air purifier near the litter box area, but it’s fairly small and I could use a more robust one.

  12. I have an air purifyer for my bedroom but I’d love one for my livingroom area. I have dog who stinks up my place at times.

  13. I don’t typically use an air purifier in my litter area but I feel like it would really help kick some of those harder to disguise odors!

  14. I don’t currently use an air purifier around the cat box, but it’s a great idea and now I want one.

  15. Also, you mentioned you have two litter robot 4s. I’m considering investing in one of these. Is there a certain scoopable litter that you find works well with this? And what litters didn’t work very well?

  16. I so could use this. I currently have 9 cats living with me, because I help with fostering. I have 7 litter boxes. I don’t own anything like this, but I would love to have one.

  17. We have air purifiers to get rid of cat dander and other allergens, but I never considered a deodorizer — sounds like a good idea.

  18. Until recently, my household had not considered incorporating any air purifiers into our countryside home. The more we come across info about them, the stronger our ideas become to going ahead and purchasing a couple. Nearest the litterbox is where one would certainly go. Your litter closet has inspired me to make my own. Thank you for the info and ideas!

  19. No I don’t have one but I definitely need one! Especially because the litter boxes are in my game room (basement) where we like to hang out!