Chatty Cats: Gotcha, Snoozing and More!

Happy Friday! Guess what today is? Today is Olive’s 13th Gotcha Day! I’ve told the story before, but here it is again. An asphalt worker found tiny Olive outside our house in June 2011, and a nice neighbor took her in. We hung flyers to see if she was lost, but no one came forward. So, Olive became the second of the Three Chatty Cats! Here’s a photo of little Olive with her new big bro Dexter.

tabby cat and tortie kitten
Dexter and kitten Olive, June 2011

The Week in Photos

Olive celebrated 13 years with a big snooze.

tortie cat sleeping on a sofa pillow

Sophie squished into a box for her snooze.

white cat sleeping in a small cardboard box

The boys were spotted together snoozing as well.

two tabby cats sleeping on a sofa chair

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  1. Baby Olive sure lucked out – got a happy home! Love that first photo of her with Dexter but then ALL today’s photos AWdorable!!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. Happy 13th Gotcha Day Olive! You sure were lucky getting lost right where a cat lady lived – MOL!

    Those are darling kitten pics, what a cute little thing you were and now such a beautiful grown up cat. I’m thinking extra snackies are in order to celebrate, don’t you Olive?

  3. olive, in yur honor eye will snooze all sew! a happee gotcha day
    two ewe, hope when everee one wakez up, ya can sell a brate
    with sum flounder friez, cod cake, salmon samiches and cat grazz
    💚💙😺🐟 heerz to a yeer a head filled with happeez and healtheez ‼️

  4. Happy Happy 13th Gotcha Day Olive! That’s similar to how I found my first cat. We had found our Angel Bobo in a blizzard in 1990. No computers then. I drove all over looking for signs and checked the newspaper lost and found ads (remember those?) No one ever posted anything so after two weeks he was mine and was with me 18 years! (when I found him he was about 6 months old)

  5. So much snoozing at your house! Wishing you a purrfect day, Olive! You sure were a darling baby. And now you’re a gorgeous tortie lady! I wish I had known Mudpie as a kitten.