tabby cat peeking head out of sleepypod pet carrier

Chatty Cats: Records, Searching and More!

Happy Friday! Did everyone have a nice week? Dexter would tell you he didn’t (but I’d say he’s being dramatic). He had a routine senior exam on Monday. Some readers may remember that Dexter has IBD. But his labs looked good, and his weight is holding steady. Overall, a good exam. Wishing everyone a good weekend!

Records Check

tabby cat at vet's office

Mama: What are you doing?
Dexter: Checking to see if anything needs to be deleted from my records.
Mama: Well, anything?
Dexter: Nope. They said I am perfection. But they said Woodrow is-
Mama: Hey! Get out of his records!

Sophie’s Busy Week

First, she thought about pouncing on Olive.

white cat and tortie cat on sofa chair

Instead, she decided to cuddle with Dexter.

tabby cat and white cat cuddling

Then she looked for her purse.

white cat looking under closet door

And kept looking.

white cat looking in shelves

Woodrow snoozed through it all.

tabby cat sleeping on his face

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  1. Miss Sophie, how many purses have you lost…er, are you searching for now?

    Good job Dexter!! Keep those good reports coming.

  2. Busy busy………! Hard to tell if Dexter is enjoying the cuddle with Sophie – he looks like he’s mulling it over. If Sophie EVER finds her purse we’ll have to mark the date as her “Purseaversary” and celebrate it every year!! Happy Friday………

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  3. buzzed happee for ewe buddy yur ree sultz R good….sell a brate
    with sum trout :) a grate week a head two all ♥♥