white cat with blue eyes resting on the back of a sofa chair

Chatty Cats: Airplanes, Boxes and More!

Happy Friday! Well, we had another unplanned vet visit this week. The lucky kitty this time…Sophie! She had a pretty bad allergy flare-up (she’s had skin allergies her whole life). The vet shaved her little chinny chin chin, which I wasn’t expecting. I’m being kind and not embarrassing her with those photos (for now). We’re doing ointment twice daily, and she’s already feeling better. Hope everyone had a better week than Sophie!

Sophie at the Vet

white cat in pet carrier with airplane ears

Mama: Is someone ready for takeoff?
Sophie: Yes, let’s go.
Mama: But the vet hasn’t seen you yet.
Sophie: Then why did you ask?
Mama: Oh, your ears. You know, airplanes. Taking off.
Sophie: There’s a time for jokes, Mama, and there’s a time for being quiet.
Mama: Let me guess. It’s time for quiet.
Sophie: And a time for not stating the obvious.
Mama: Like now?
Sophie: Mama!!!

The Week in Photos

Sophie tried to snag my snack after the vet visit.

white cat sitting on desk

Woodrow used his cheek as a pillow.

tabby cat sleeping in box with cheek hanging over edge

Dexter and Olive hung out and probably gossiped about everyone else.

tabby cat and tortie cat together on the back of a sofa chair

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  1. I think Sophie probably thought you’d feel sorry for her so she made a play for your snack! Glad she’s feeling better (even without your snack). Woodrow, Dexter and Olive look like they’re posing for a photo to illustrate “THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM” !

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy

  2. Poor Sophie! She is so beautiful! Gus gets chin acne sometimes which exhibits in black crusts. Gross but very easy to treat and doesn’t need shaving. He says that would harm his charm with the ladies. Since his surgery in February he hasn’t had it at all.

  3. happee week a head guyz. glad yur vet vizit waz, well itz over N thanx bee ta cod sophie. bee better and bee nice two yur mom on SUNday 😸💙🐟

  4. You are very brave Sophie, you deserved that snack you tried to snag!
    Woodrow, that is a very nice use of a mancat cheek – MOL!
    Dexter and Olive, so what’s the gossip today?

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

  5. Aww Sophie. I’m sorry you are going through all of that. I bet your chin looks adorable, though. Woodrow, your cheek makes a great pillow.

  6. Oh noes, Sophie! We are sorry you had those bad allergies and had to have your chin shaved. We are glad the ointment is helping, and we are purring you are all better real soon. XO