tabby cat resting in cat scratcher house

Chatty Cats: Thinking, Sleeping and More!

Happy Friday! Can you believe May has already arrived? I feel like this year is just zipping right along. We had a quiet week here. No unexpected vet visits. No more eye drops to administer. Just a good ol’ boring week. Those are my kind of weeks. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

False Alarm

white cat framed in handles of purse

Sophie: Mama, it’s my purse!
Mama: Nope, that’s mine.
Sophie: Are you sure?
Mama: Pretty sure.
Sophie: That sounds like it leaves some room for doubt.
Mama: Back away from my purse…
Sophie: Neverrrrr!!!

yawning white cat framed in handles of purse

The Week in Photos

Dexter had a think.

tabby cat resting on back of sofa chair

Sophie had a sleep.

white cat sleeping in cat bed basket

Woodrow took my place in the comfy chair.

tabby cat sitting nestled in blankets

Olive stood on my crafting mat.

leg of tortie cat standing on crafting mat

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  1. borin can bee a good thing ‼️😺 happee week
    endz two ewe all 💙🐟

  2. I am sure that one day – sooner or later – Sophie WILL find her purse! I’m also sure Dexter who is a deep thinker will invent something amazing and be famous forever and ever – if he can stay awake long enough of course. Woodrow is a good chair warmer AND of course Olive was diverting your attention from crafting to something more important – HER! Love the photos………have a great weekend!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy