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Chatty Cats: Eye Drops, Boxes and More!

Happy Friday! Olive would like to lodge a complaint. She was whisked off to the vet on Tuesday and had no prior notice! I saw she had a weepy eye and a little gunk on Monday. So, off to the vet on Tuesday. We came home with eye drops. I had to suit up in full body armor twice a day to administer the drops. She’s one feisty tortie! But her eye was already looking better after 24 hours. Hope you had a better week than Miss Olive.

Beautiful Olive

tortie cat hiding face

Olive: Don’t look at me, Mama! I’m hideous!
Mama: Because of your eye?
Olive: Obvi.
Mama: You’re beautiful as ever.
Olive: ∗scoffs∗ You must not think very highly of me.
Mama: You’re always beautiful!
Olive: Just stop, Mama.
Mama: Does someone need a hug?
Olive: Yes, go find Dexter for me.

The Week in Photos

Dexter cleaned Olive after she returned from the vet.

tabby cat cleaning tortie cat

Woodrow patiently waited for a treat (according to him anyway).

goofy looking tabby cat looking at camera

Sophie stood in a box that sat on a puzzle that was in a tray.

white cat with blue eyes standing in a box

Guster had a grooming appointment and wanted to show everyone how handsome he is and tell everyone he’s a very good boy.

cute terrier looking dog wearing pink bow tie

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  1. Well even though Olive had an “eye episode” she recovered quickly with the help of her love bug Dexter. Woodrow has the best smile around for sure……Guster is one handsome dude and Sophie – oh Sophie will you EVER find your lost purse(s) ??????

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam

  2. Poor Olive. Eye drops are the worst. Gus sends her his sympathy having had two eye infections since he’s been here.

  3. Guster, you are handsome and a good boy. It’s nice to see you.

    Olive, you couldn’t not be beautiful. I’m glad you had Dexter to help clean you up after your vet appointment.

  4. Poor Olive. I am sure you are beautiful even if your eye has a little gunk. Please tell Sophie I got her sweet thank you note and stickers- she is so thoughtful. XO

  5. heerz two a grate week a head for everee one and
    happee for ewe olive that yur eyez much im prooved 💖‼️😺🐟