tortie cat in box peering over the edge

Chatty Cats: Snackies, Stickers and More!

Happy Friday! How was your week? You may recall that I was a vendor last weekend at the Brea Pet Expo. 50 cats and dogs were adopted from the local city event! My booth was in a side room at the community center called Kitty Korner. We were with the cats available for adoption, so I got to make eyes all day with an orange tabby named Sammy. No, I didn’t bring him home. He had an application for adoption by the end of the day!

I debuted a few new designs at the show, which you can now check out in my shop. I’ll be at a cat and kitten adoption event later this month with even more new items.

Snackies Box

tabby cat in a box

Woodrow: Mama, where are they?
Mama: Where’s what?
Woodrow: My snackies. I was told this is a snackies box.
Mama: Who told you that?
Woodrow: I did!
Mama: You told yourself it was a snackies box?
Woodrow: Yes! Now don’t make a liar out of me!

The Week in Photos

Dexter and Olive heard the rumor about the snackies box.

tabby cat and tortie cat sitting side by side in boxes

Sophie waited for someone to cuddle with her.

cute white cat sitting on a sofa chair

Woodrow couldn’t believe he didn’t get snackies in that snackies box.

tabby cat on the back of a sofa chair with paw extended

Here’s a peek at some of the new stickers in my shop.

five cat stickers

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  1. An orange tabby named Sammy? Well now we had an orange tabby Sammy until he flew away as an Angel in 2016… I can see how you may have been tempted. I bet he had a home before the event was over. Did poor starving Woodrow ever get some snackies????

    Hugs, Pam

  2. happee gotcha day catz N dawgz on findin yur for everz and
    guyz, we hope yur mom sold a bazillion dollarz werth oh goodz
    thoz stickerz bee awesum ‼️😺💙🐟

  3. Sounds like that Pet Expo went really well. 50 cats and dogs adopted? Yippee!

    Sophie, we bet you didn’t have to wait long for some cuddles. And you didn’t get snacks in the snackie box, Woodrow? What’s up with that???

    Love those stickers, Rachel. :)