two tabby cats sitting on the back of a sofa chair

Chatty Cats: Vampires, Cuddling and More!

Happy Friday! Did everyone have a nice week? The cats did lots of snoozing, playing, snoozing, nomming and more snoozing. Sound like the same thing at your place? Also, if you hop over to Cat Lady Alley, you can read our post about Art Your Cat – a sneak peek below! We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

The Fangless Vampire

tabby cat looking at portrait of himself

Woodrow: What’s dis?
Mama: It’s you as a vampire!
Woodrow: I look kind of amazing.
Mama: You look scary good.
Woodrow: I’m the handsomest vampire that ever vampired!

See all of the cats’ portraits over on Cat Lady Alley.

The Week in Photos

Sophie slept on her face.

white cat sleeping with face down

So did Woodrow.

tabby cat sleeping with face down

Olive sat on Dexter.

tortie cat sitting on top of tabby cat

Dexter watched me read my book.

close up of tabby cat's face

I shared this next photo on social media earlier this week, but I had to share it here too. Woodrow doesn’t cuddle with any of the cats. I’m more surprised that Dexter tolerated this. I’m just happy I looked up in time to catch this adorable cuddle sesh.

two tabby cats sitting on the back of a sofa chair
“Go away, we’re cuddling.” -Woodrow

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  1. Awwwwww…..Woodrow will be responsible for the uptick in vampirism when everycat sees this portrait – he is definitely rocking the look. Teddy has never slept on his face but I think it’s because his neck is too fat. (tee hee) Happy Easter to all who celebrate.

    Hugs, Pam and Mr. Large Neck

  2. dood eye think ewe look like royal tee ‼️😺
    happee fry day two ewe all anda hoppy easturr
    az well 🐇🐟😺‼️💚