tortie cat lying on her side

Chatty Cats: Spring, Storms and More!

Happy Friday! Has spring sprung in your area? We had some nice sunny days here this week, but then also a thunderstorm, which is rare for us. It didn’t phase the kitties, but Guster (our dog) kept tilting his head back and forth trying to figure out where those big booms were coming from. We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

No Room for Two

white cat and tabby cat near screen door

Sophie: Scoochie over, Dexter!
Dexter: I was here first.
Sophie: But this is my mat. My name is on it!
Dexter: All of our names are on it.
Sophie: … Well, mine is the prettiest name.
Dexter: Debatable.
Sophie: Rude!!!
Dexter: Debatable.

The Week in Photos

Dexter enjoyed his window (door!) whiffies after Sophie left.

tabby cat looking out screen door

Sophie consoled herself in a blanket pile.

white cat in pile of blankets

Olive looked at the world upside down.

tortie cat lying on her side with her head tilted

Woodrow looked at the world from the closet.

tabby cat sitting on closet shelf

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  1. My Khaleesi is so afraid of hard rain and thunder. She hides and trembles its sooo sad . Hate that part of summer rain because she doesn’t get it. It stresses her out a lot. Im always try to stay with her to comfort her. You cats are just beautiful!!

  2. noe springz haz sprunged for uz yet. snows thiz mornin ❄️☃️😼😼‼️
    happee week a head two all 🐟💙💚

  3. We have snow.
    Lots of snow.
    Okay, maybe not as bad as Colorado got it, but all the schools are closed.
    So much for my last day of staycation, but I’ll open a book, trust me…

  4. Happy Friday cutie pies! No spring here either…we’re supposed to get a foot of snow tomorrow! Too funny about the CatLadyBox tupperware lids. Mine were very easy to get off. Someone must’ve tightened yours! MOL

  5. Spring is “on hold” here because the weather refuses to get warm enough for buds to open….instead it’s cold, windy, rainy….! We hope Spring doesn’t just pass us by – I would be really upset if it did! (Mom says she would too).

    Hugs, Teddy