sleepying tabby cat showing paw with pink toe beans

Chatty Cats: Savesies, Boxies and More!

Happy Friday! This week’s big excitement was taking Woodrow and Olive in for their senior exams. Because they are senior kitties, they visit twice a year for checkups. Their physical exams looked good. However, their labs showed slightly elevated kidney levels, so we will keep an eye on those.

All of our cats are seniors now. Since the original Three Chatty Cats (Dexter, Olive and Sophie) were all rescued strays, we don’t know their exact birth dates. But since they were kittens, we know the year at least. Dexter will be 14 in June, Olive 13 likely next month, and Sophie 10 around now. Since we adopted Woodrow, we do know his birthday (10/10/2012), so he is currently 11.

If you have more than one cat, are they spread out in age?

Sleepy Savesies

tabby cat with eyes closed and paw stretching forward

Mama: Woodrow, may I sit there?
Woodrow: No, I’ve claimed savesies.
Mama: For…?
Woodrow: Myself.
Mama: But you’re already sitting up above.
Woodrow: But I might want to move down there later.
Mama: Woodrow, let me have the spot. You look tired and you’re barely awake.
Woodrow: Holding savesies is very tiring.

The Week in Photos

Woodrow was on alert after his sleepy savesies to make sure no one took that spot.

tabby cat with paws tucked looking alert

Sophie helped with my puzzle.

white cat sitting on jigsaw puzzle

Olive tried to take a selfie. Dexter wanted to get in on it too.

tortie cat sitting next to a tabby cat

Dexter settled on taking a boxie since Olive wouldn’t let him in on her seflie.

tabby cat sitting in a box

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  1. oh what a cute idea to help with the puzzle… da nelly is a good helper too… he ate two parts… a happy weekend to you all

  2. Since all of our cats are rescues, we can only approximate their ages.
    If we guess Sweetie was 1 or 2 years when we TNR’d her in 2009, then she’s near 16-17 at least.
    Da Boyz may or may not be twins, but they definitely are near enough in age. I think we’ve guessed them at about 7 now.
    Your clowder is adorbs!

  3. Woodrow, you’re doing a very good job with savsies.

    We only have two cats. Boy and girl twin black cats. They will be five next month. I often think maybe I should get a younger one when they turn around 7. That is yet to be determined. We’ll see.

  4. guyz….ewe noe ewe can collect social secatity now that ewe bee seniorz
    🐟💖 and sophie, give mom sum extree help with pushin a few puzzle
    peacez round de floor and hidin em 🍀💚😺‼️

  5. We have seniors, adults and kittens here. The kits help the older ones stay younger I believe and it’s so nice to see the older cats play like kits with the little ones.

    You are all looking fine and healthy and I’m glad your Mom gets you checked regularly.

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

  6. What great photos – as usual. Woodrow’s toothy and sleep grin, Sophie’s “help”, Dex and Olive in snuggle mode, and Dexter having a bit of a pout after Olive wouldn’t include him in her Selfie…….Well, the entire senior crew looks happy and that is after all what counts most!

    Hugs, Pam

  7. How cool: my cats will be 14, 13, 11, and 9 this year (approximately, as the oldest and youngest were adopted as adults). We have two torties, so especially enjoy seeing Olive. The oldest also enjoys ‘helping’ with puzzles: I put a cover over them when not actively working on the puzzle myself.

  8. We have 4 cats here. Two are around 12 and 2 are around 5. All rescues so some are guesses and some are pretty good guesses.

  9. Woodrow, that’s brilliant. We’ll have to remember about sleep savesies!

    The biggest span we had in ages was with Angel Gracie and Ava, who were about 15 years apart.

  10. Sophie’s photo is exactly why I stick to online puzzles now. Sorry some numbers on the labs were not great, but good to know early and make diet changes. My oldest is Joanie at 18, then Elvira 14, Penny and Penelope are 13 and the rest are quite a bit younger.