tabby cat with paw near camera

Chatty Cats: Purses, Sun and More!

Happy Friday! Did everyone have a nice week? It was a pretty quiet one here. Lots of sunshine, only one day of rain. The cats got in lots of sunpuddle snoozing. We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Searching Sophie

white cat climbing into small packaging box

Sophie: Mama, have you seen-
Mama: Your purse?
Sophie: No, I was gonna say-
Mama: Your purse?!?
Sophie: Mama!! I lose lots of things. It’s not all about my purse!
Mama: So what did you lose this time?
Sophie: Your purse.

The Week in Photos

Sophie sunned her ears.

white cat with her ears in the sunlight

So did Dexter.

tabby cat with his ear in the sunlight

And Olive.

tortie cat with her ears in the sunlight

Woodrow…was Woodrow.

tabby cat with his tongue sticking out

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  1. Three out of four cats recommend sunning your ears. And then one stands alone. Stay true to yourself Woodrow.

  2. sophie due knot let yur mom looz her purze coz itz
    got de “ go shoppin “ card inside 🐟🐟😺💙‼️ mackerull