white cat under a blanket

Chatty Cats: Tum Tums, Scritches and More!

Happy Friday! And welcome to March! We had a busy week here. Nothing exciting, just busy. So we’ll keep this short and sweet – no chat this week. We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

The Week in Photos

Olive was tired after a long week of (watching me) work.

tortie cat sitting next to laptop

Sophie got some chin scritches.

white cat having chin scratched by person

Dexter showed off his naked tum tum.

tabby cat with a shaved tummy

Woodrow showed off his sexy leg (and the scratch on his nose from Olive).

tabby cat with leg up

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  1. Poor Woodrow! You got to watch those razors. Our kitties like chin scritches, too. They get them every morning before breakfast. Olive, we feel your tiredness. You need to take a nap with Mommy after work. And Dexter, that belly! It’s gorgeous. I hope you let somebody give you belly rubs.

  2. Sorry your tummy is naked Dexter. Tell your mom you need a heating pad. Nice to see all of you cuties. XO

  3. Well it appears that all is well with the three “Wantamouseketeers” ! Love the photos as always – those three are imminently photographable.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too