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Chatty Cats: Agreements, Sleepypods and More!

Happy Friday! We had two vet visits this week. Dexter went in for a follow-up ultrasound for his IBD. He’s doing well, except for his shaved tummy, which he’s highly embarrassed about and won’t let me see it. Also, Sophie had tested high for calcium levels during routine labs before a dental a while ago (no obvious issue was found). We’ve been giving her chia seeds, and her follow-up labs were perfect (just like she is).

Hope you have a nice weekend!

Dexter’s Agreement

tabby cat holding out paw while stretching

Dexter: Let’s never do that again, Mama!
Mama: You mean go to the vet?
Dexter: Yes! They shaved my tummy!
Mama: Well, I can’t guarantee that won’t happen again.
Dexter: How about I cuddle with you every night forever and ever if we never do that again.
Mama: But you already cuddle with me every night.
Dexter: Cuddling revoked until further notice!
Mama: Nooo!!!
Dexter: Then no shaved tummies again. Deal? Let’s shake on it!

The Week in Photos

Dexter reflected on his negotiating skills.

tabby cat sitting on the back of a sofa chair

Olive asked for pets.

tortie cat pawing at woman's arm

Sophie went for a walk.

white cat walking on sofa chair

Woodrow sat in his Sleepypod.

tabby cat sitting in sleepypod mobile pet bed

Then Guster took it over.

terrier mix dog squeezed into sleepypod pet bed

(Somehow he squeezed his 37-pound body into the pet bed!)

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  1. Dexter, don’t be embarrassed by your shaved belly. Shaved bellies are cute. It sounds to me like Guster needs his own dog-size sleepy pod.

  2. sorree bout de vizit two de ewe noe wear place guyz 😼🙀
    N guster….ewe doez knot look like 37 poundz ….may bee
    onlee…34 😺😺😺🐟‼️💚 happee week end two ewe all 💙🐟

  3. Dexter, we are glad you are doing better, but are sorry about your shaved tummy. Your negotiating skills are top level, but your momma doesn’t want to make any promises she can’t keep.

    Sophie, we hope those seeds help with your calcium, but please try not to sprout hair like a chia pet. (“Ch-ch-ch-Chia Sophie”?)

    Nice job, Guster — we are impressed!