tabby cat and tortie cat lying in the sun

Chatty Cats: Grumps, Pawsies and More!

Happy Friday! It was a quiet week here that seemed to go by quickly. Lots of cats lounging in sunpuddles, as we had no more rain (although it’s returning soon). We hope you had a nice week, and we’re wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Grumpy Dexter

grumpy tabby cat with airplane ears

Mama: Why do you always look so grumpy, Dexter?
Dexter: Because you ask so many questions.
Mama: It was one question.
Dexter: I’ll answer and then you’ll ask a follow-up question.
Mama: Oh, will I?
Dexter: See!
Mama: That was a joke.
Dexter: One I didn’t appreciate.
Mama: Do you ever?
Dexter: See, coming in with all the questions!
Mama: I’m sorry?
Dexter: Mama!

The Week in Photos

Sophie peeked in to say hello.

blooper photo of white cat looking down at camera

Olive warmed Dexter’s pawsies.

tortie cat lying on top of another cat's paws

Woodrow waited patiently for supper.

tabby cat with cute face looking at camera

Dexter looked decidedly less grumpy.

handsome tabby cat

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  1. Dexter got cheery after his pawsies were warmed by his favorite “warmer”…….but he sure did look grumpy before! Woodrow was trying to get his food faster by looking rather pitiful – he succeeded!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy

  2. Olive, that was so kind of you to warm those pawsies! Y’all are too cute as usual. Have a great weekend and enjoy your sunpuddles while you have them.

  3. happee week oh end two ewe all !!! we iz glad ta heer de rainz haz stopped,
    coz ya haz had enuff for like a bazillion dayz all reddy ~~~~

    stay safe :) ♥♥