two tabby cats sitting on the back of a sofa chair

Chatty Cats: Rainstorms, Solutions and More!

Happy Friday! It was quite an exciting week here, weather-wise, at least. Lots and lots of rain. But there were a few sun breaks as well. Some areas flooded around here, but all is good at our house. We hope everyone else did okay in the rain as well. Have a wonderful weekend!

Sophie’s Solution

white cat with claw stuck in blanket

Sophie: Help! I’m stuck.
Mama: Nail trim time?
Sophie: That’s not what I said.
Mama: But that’s what I see.
Sophie: Just close your eyes like this. There, all better.
Mama: But your claw is still stuck.
Sophie: Did you close your eyes?!?

The Week in Photos

Sophie supervised my work.

white cat peeking head around laptop screen

Olive took over my desk.

tortie cat sitting on desk grooming

Woodrow gave his signature smile.

tabby cat with funny expression

So did Dexter.

tabby cat yawning

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  1. guyz….itz INN SANE out yur way with all de rainz and slidez oh mud 🙀🙀🙀🙀
    we bee glad everee onez doin grate and yur houz N home iz two…💙💚💙💚😺

  2. It looks like you take good care of your nails, Sophie. A little trim and polish would make them even more beautiful.

  3. What sweet smiles! I’m glad you survived the deluge, what a thing to happen in Southern CA! Isn’t there a song about never raining there? MOL!