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Keeping My Senior Cats Warm This Winter with Sleepypod Cloudpuff

The winter season is well underway. And even though I live in the generally warm Southern California climate, it can still get chilly in the evenings during winter months. I love that in the colder months, my cats cuddle up with each other more often (allowing for adorable photo ops), and sometimes I’m the lucky one they choose to snuggle with.

Today, I’ll look at how the Sleepypod Cloudpuff blanket helps keep my senior cats warm this winter. And stick around for our giveaway at the end!

tabby cat and white cat cuddling
Dexter and Sophie like to cuddle in the colder months.

Disclosure: We are being compensated by Sleepypod for this post. All opinions stated here are our own. Three Chatty Cats only shares information we feel would be relevant to our readers. All opinions stated here are our own.

Help Keep Your Senior Cat Warm

Three of my four cats are senior cats, and Sophie is fast approaching that milestone. And with senior cats, I need to consider that their needs differ from when they were younger.

Of course, it’s important to keep a cat of any age warm. But as cats age, they may be more vulnerable to colder weather. Or, for example, if your older cat has arthritis, keeping them warm may help ease their achy joints.

Before we get to the Sleepypod Cloudpuff blanket, here are some other quick tips to help keep your senior cat warm this winter.

Move beds away from drafty areas

Look at where your cat’s favorite bed is located in the house. Is it by a doorway or drafty window? Is it in a high-traffic area out in the open?

Try moving their bed to a warmer place in the house. If you’re lucky enough to have floor vents (we’re not), your cat may even like having their bed closer to that heat source (but not blocking the airflow for safety).

Here’s Dexter and Sophie in their pet bed, which is near my office door. I’ve moved it for now to an area that often receives plenty of sunshine during the day.

two cats in a sleepypod mobile pet carrier

Provide a heated pet mat

There are electric heating pads made specifically for pets that you may consider. These generally don’t get as hot as traditional heating pads meant for humans. Make sure to look for one with a chew-resistant cord.

Or, consider a self-warming heating mat for your senior kitty that works off the cat’s own body heat. These mats don’t require electricity. While they are a bit safer, they don’t get as warm as an electric heating pad.

We have both types in our house.

If they’re receptive to it, try a sweater with your cat

While many cats won’t like wearing a sweater, even for warmth, some will be fine with it. So, if you notice your senior cat looking cold, see if they will tolerate wearing a sweater.

Here’s Woodrow modeling his cardigan. So dapper!

It can be as easy as loading them up with blankets!

Lastly, keeping your senior cat warm this winter could be as easy as supplying them with more blankets. Our cat Sophie loves to burrow under blankets. (We have to watch where we sit!)

We recently gave Sophie the Sleepypod Cloudpuff blanket, and she settled right under it. I used the larger size as a couch cover and the smaller one as a perfect cat-sized blanket on top of her.

Sleepypod Cloudpuff Blankie

Made of soft polyester shearling on one side and microfiber suede on the other side, the blanket comes in two sizes – 18.5″ x 14.5″ or 30″ x 21″.

Sleepypod Cloudpuff Blankie in two sizes

The smaller size is perfect for lining your cat’s carrier, while the larger size is nice for laying out if you’re traveling and want a comfortable spot for your cat to rest on. Or, it can be used as a couch cover like how I used it. Both sizes come in two color options: champagne or chestnut.

The blanket is machine washable, but it’s recommended to line-dry it.

Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed with Cloudpuff

I thought the cats might enjoy the blanket in their mobile pet bed. And they did!

Dexter appreciated the softness on his pawsies.

Olive curled up and took a snooze.

tortie cat curled up in Sleepypod carrier

Woodrow zonked out when he got his turn.

tabby cat curled up in Sleepypod carrier

But Sophie demanded that the blankies be put back on the couch.

white cat under blanket

You can learn more about the Sleepypod Cloudpuff blanket and purchase it at sleepypod.com.

Sleepypod Giveaway

Now, it’s time for the giveaway!

  • One grand prize winner will win one Cloudpuff blanket and one Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed!
  • Two runner-up winners will receive one Cloudpuff blanket each.

Thank you to Sleepypod for their generosity!

Enter a blog comment below and then enter the giveaway through the Rafflecopter widget. This giveaway is open to the U.S. (full details below).

The giveaway is open to residents in the U.S., 18+ years of age, except where prohibited by law. One grand prize winner and two runner-up winners will be selected randomly by Rafflecopter and contacted via email on Sunday, February 4, 2024 after 5:00pm Pacific. Each winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize through email. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the prize, and a new winner will be randomly selected by Rafflecopter. One (1) grand prize winner will win a Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed and a Sleepypod Cloudpuff blanket. Two (2) runner-up winners will receive one Cloudpuff blanket each. The items will be sent directly from Sleepypod to the winners. The winners can choose from the available colors in stock. The giveaway closes on February 4, 2024 at 5:00pm Pacific.

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  1. These do look warm and cozy AND don’t look “heavy” so cats will appreciate the warmth but not the weight. Teddy is weird about where he takes naps – sometimes out in the middle of the floor – sometimes on a bed – and lately, he’s liking the COLD garage! I may give one of these “blankies” a try though…..if there’s one thing about him that IS predictible, it’s his unpredictability!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. I use the pet heat pads also. I even have 2 outside semi-feral cats that have heat pads in their little houses I have created. I made sure the ones outside do not have timers so I don’t have to worry about them shutting off if I can’t reset them.

  3. I recently bought a pet heating blanket from Amazon. You can adjust the heat to 9 temperatures and it has a chew resistant cord.

  4. I actually have a smaller dog. She’s a Maltese and only weights about 10 lbs. This would be perfect for her when I take her for grooming appointments in the winter months. Right now I just use an old towel or a cheap $3 throw I found. She is so cold on the car rides home as the groomer lives about 40 mins away.

  5. I keep the strays in the neighborhood warm with a small tented cage that has a plug in warmer. My indoor kitties cuddle up with the dogs to stay warm!

  6. I rescued a cat from the street this month and have been fostering him, so I have needed a lot more cat supplies than normal (I usually just have one cat.) The pet bed and blanket look great!

  7. Love the reminder about elder cats needing a bit more warmth, thank you! I love creating little cozy holes for my Ms Smokey to snuggle up in but these blankets are next level!

  8. I keep throws and blankets all around the house and at night the cats sleep with me so we keep each other warm.

  9. I have 3 new fur babies — and we are having a wonderful time getting to know each other! Love their “quirks”… it defines them!

  10. My cats love to curl up under the covers in my kids’ beds! Sometimes it’s a surprise when my kids go to lie down. We have to remember to pat down the blankets first.

  11. My cats stay warm by hanging out under the blankets on our bed. We definitely have to be thoughtful not to just flop down on the bed

  12. Ooh, we can see those are a big hit at your place. Everykitty looks so cozy and contented. Ava gets all happy when we put the plush blanket on the bed, so we’re sure she would love this. Oh, and nice sweater, Woodrow. Handsome, indeed!

  13. I have a heated cat bed that looks like a keyboard and you plug into your computer but my cat hasn’t been using it. I need to donate it to the animal shelter where I volunteer so that a new adopter might be able to use it.

  14. My 14 year kitty moved from San Diego to Michigan 2 years ago, and definitely gets cold here in the winters. She loves to burrow under blankets or piles of pillows and would certainly benefit from this!

  15. I wish I could get my boys to wear cute little sweaters. Poor guys just drop like they’re mama’s picking them up by the scruff. :,)

  16. My cat Loki has found a blanket that she’s taken to sleeping under while it’s been a bit chilly in the AZ desert.

  17. This looks wonderful! My cat, Fritz, loves snuggling under a light blanket at the foot of my bed. He has a couple beds, but seems to prefer to snuggle at my feet.

  18. The Sleepypod Pet Bed and Cloudpuff Blanket would make a great addition to my home! I currently maintain neatly folded plush blankets, that I’ve randomly placed around my house, to help my cats stay plenty warm and comfy throughout the winter.

  19. I have a small dog that is constantly ‘shivering’ like she’s dying of coldness. Once she gets next to a heating floor vent all is good.

  20. I have three kitties who love warm spots. It can be a blanket, sunshine, a heat register. A favorite of shade’s is to pull a bath towel down over the heat register. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do!