tabby cat lying between tortie cat and white cat

Chatty Cats: Boxes, Laps and More!

Happy Friday! Any readers in the San Diego area? I’ll be vending at the CFA Cat Show taking place at the Del Mar Fairgrounds this weekend. Stop by my Cat Lady Alley booth and say hi! I’ll have my stickers and stationery and be debuting some new items as well.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Approval Required

white cat in a box

Sophie: Did I approve that?
Mama: Approve what?
Sophie: You’re breaking down that box!
Mama: So?
Sophie: I haven’t sat in it yet!
Mama: Better hurry! It’s going in the recycling.
Sophie: But I’m not done sitting in this one!
Mama: What a dilemma.
Sophie: It’s not a dilemma! Just don’t get rid of it.
Mama: Such a predicament.
Sophie: Not really.
Mama: It’s a quandary!
Sophie: Mama!!

The Week in Photos

Woodrow tried to fill in for me at work. It didn’t go well. He demanded three lunch breaks and a raise within the first hour.

tabby cat sitting in desk chair

Dexter showed off his whiskers.

handsome tabby cat

Olive did too.

pretty tortie cat with black whiskers

Sophie showed off her scratcher.

white cat sitting on scratcher

The boys tried to share my lap. Dexter wasn’t happy about it.

two tabby cats on a person's lap

Here is a video from a new toy we reviewed over on Cat Lady Alley. The cats love it, especially Dexter!

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  1. Sophie, the only time a box leaves this house, is when the sides have been chewed down to the floor, or some cat spewed some liquid on it!
    There are boxes under the table, in the corner, next to the heat vent…this house is for the cats; we humans just live here.

  2. Everyone is looking good as usual! Love that toy, but your kitties are so polite taking turns – ours would be whappy paw with each other in no time.

  3. You can be so funny Sophie 😸 love all your photos especially the one of Woodrow and Dexter nice to see you together. Have a wonderful weekend and mom.xxπŸ˜½πŸˆβ€β¬›πŸΎπŸ†

  4. guyz…best best fizhez two yur mom thiz week end, we hope her sellz
    a bazillion $$$ in goodz ! N we hope de weatherz holds up for thiz, we
    saw on de nooze bout de flooding out yur way ~~~~ YEOW β™₯

  5. If I wasn’t on the other side of the United States from you I’d be at the event! Great batch of photos – your “kids” are so expressive – those faces – those eyes – no doubt about how they feel about ANYTHING! LOL

    Hugs, Pam