tortie cat and tabby cat

Chatty Cats: Blogoversary, Tortitude and More!

Happy Friday! Guess what tomorrow is? It’s our 8th Blogoversary! That’s right, we started Three Chatty Cats back on January 20, 2016. Time sure does fly by! I thought after nearly eight years, it was time for a small change. Some may have noticed a theme change to the site late last month. And just this week, I added a homepage to the blog, whereas before, it was just our blogroll. Thank you for following along on our blogging journey. Here’s to the next eight years!

Happy Blogoversary (maybe?)

tortie cat and tabby cat

Mama: Happy Blogoversary!
Olive: What, are we making up words now?
Mama: What should I say?
Olive: Happy 8-year anniversary of starting our bloggie back in January 2016.
Mama: …
Olive: Fine, we’ll stick with blogoversary for now. But make note that I’m not happy!
Mama: So, Content Blogoversary?
Olive: Not amused, Mama!

tortie cat yawning and tabby cat

The Week in Photos

Well, Dexter thought I was funny.

tortie cat next to yawning tabby cat

So did Sophie.

white cat yawning

Woodrow touched his nose.

tabby cat licking nose while in cat house

Olive wondered how she’s managed the last eight years with this bunch.

pretty tortie cat

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  1. Happy Blogoversary gang. Whatever you call it, it’s been a whole lot of fun getting to know you all and keeping up with you all WHATEVER you’ve been up to. Our hope is you go on and on and on and our secondary hope is that one day Sophie will actually find her purse! HAHA

    Hugs, Teddy (and Mom Pam)

  2. Happy 8th blogoversary! That is a wonderful achievement. All the cats appreciate it, even if they don’t admit it.

  3. heerz iz two de next 8 pluz 88 mor guyz!
    thiz annie fur sarry callz for 8 new cat treez
    8 boxez of canned goodz..a peace…8 new
    toyz anda perch pizza pie ! happee 2,920
    …give ore take….dayz oh chatz ‼️🐟😺💙

  4. Happy Blogaversary! 😻 and many more, even if Olive does want it called something else. They love everything you do, and are thrilled to be the stars! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  5. Happy Blogoversary! Where would I be without the Mama chats with the Chatty Cats and all the lovely photos? Keep on bloggin’ please! And the Chatty Cats IG is a bright and chatty spot in my feed♥
    Hugs and Scritches