white cat with blue eyes

Chatty Cats: Impressive, Cushions and More!

Happy Friday! It’s been a busy week here – I can’t believe it’s already Friday! And by busy, I mean I have been busy. The cats have been snoozing and lazing around. As cats should. Have a wonderful weekend!

Impressive Dexter (or Impressive, Dexter)

tabby cat yawning with funny look on face

Dexter: Yowza!
Mama: What?
Dexter: Double yowza!
Mama: What’s happening?
Dexter: I just like saying yowza.
Mama: And making that face?
Dexter: What face?
Mama: That one.
Dexter: It must be my yowza-making face. How’s it look?
Mama: It’s quite impressive.
Dexter: Thank you.

The Week in Photos

Olive was caught with her tongue out.

tortie cat with tongue touching nose

Sophie was caught sleep-sitting.

white cat with eyes closed sitting in sun

Dexter filled in as the doorstop for a bit.

tabby cat sitting by cat door stop

Woodrow demanded more cushioning on his cat shelf.

tabby cat laying on cat shelf

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  1. All of the kitties look very happy this week. They must like when you are busy. That yowza face is impurressive!! 😹

  2. guyz….we hope in all that bizee nezz mom dinna forget ewe kneaded snax, meelz,
    meelz N snax, new cat treez, canned goodz, boxez oh treetz and mor canned goodz
    ‼️😺💙🐟 happee weekz end two ewe all 😸😸

  3. I can’t imagine giving Woodrow more cushioning than he has in this photo though or he’d be like “The Princess And The Pea” on top of a tower of blankies!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too