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Chatty Cats: Posts, Passwords and More!

Happy Friday! Today is our 300th “Chatty Cats” post! Apparently, I started this series 300 Fridays ago on April 13, 2018, and then it became the main part of the blog. Here’s to another 300! Btw, Happy New Year! I hope 2024 is treating you well. Have a wonderful weekend!

The Lovable Dum Dum

two tabby cats looking at each other

Dexter: Woodrow, you’re in my way.
Woodrow: Where are you going?
Dexter: That way.
Woodrow: Which way?
Dexter: Right where you’re sitting! Move!
Woodrow: Do you know the password?
Dexter: No. But if you tell me, then I’ll know it.
Woodrow: ∗whispers∗ I don’t know it either.
Dexter: Wait, what?
Woodrow: I was hoping you knew it. I’ve been sitting here all day, and I really have to visit the litter box.
Dexter: ∗turns around∗
Woodrow: Wait, don’t go! Is the password password? Or maybe 12345?

The Week in Photos

Sophie got comfy on her cat shelf hammock.

white cat resting on a cat shelf hammock

Dexter told me no when I said I had to get up.

grumpy looking tabby cat with airplane ears

Woodrow loafed around.

tabby cat in a cat loaf position

Olive got caught looking silly in this blooper.

tortie cat yawning in blooper photo

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  1. I hope all of you have a wonderful 2024, and I look forward to 300 more “Chatty Cats” posts. Woodrow, I don’t know the password either. 😿

  2. conga ratz guyz on 300,000 postz! and for sure heerz
    two de next 300,000 ‼️😺 YAY! hopin de mew yeer bringz
    grate thingz yur way, each N everee day 🐟💙💚‼️

  3. LOL! What a crew! Woodrow you are definitely loveable and always make me laugh. Have a great first weekend of the new year everyone!

    Congrats on 300 posts, impressive!!

  4. Concatulations on your 300th post ! And we think Olive looks formidable rather than silly !(Please be sure and let her know we said so.)