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Chatty Cats: Counting, Holidays and More!

Happy Friday! Woodrow wants you to know that there are only three more sleeps til Christmas! As many know, Woodrow can only count to three. So, it’s actually been three sleeps til Christmas for a while now. Tomorrow, Woodrow can finally say two sleeps til Christmas, which I’m very thankful for. While Woodrow continues his countdown, the rest of the cats hope you have a wonderful weekend!

three chatty cats holiday card graphic

The Week in Photos

Dexter rested on Olive’s back.

tabby cat resting head on back of tortie cat

Olive allowed it for about a minute.

tabby cat resting head on back of tortie cat

Sophie came to tell me that Dexter was cuddling with Olive and she wanted me to do something about it.

white cat sitting on floor looking up at camera

Woodrow shouted for Santa to hurry up!

tabby cat yawning really big

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  1. Well gang, it’s time for us to wish you all a VERY MERRY and peaceful Christmas and to thank you not just for your friendship, but for making us smile all year long……we send Holiday Hugs to all and a wish for PEACE for all in the new year………

    Hugs, Teddy and His Mom Pam

  2. I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! I’m sure it’ll be wonderful when Woodrow can say two. He will like it better as well.