tabby cat in harness with pet carrier in the background

Chatty Cats: Giveaways, Photo Shoots and More!

Happy Friday! We currently have a giveaway here on the blog for a Sleepypod Air and Sleepypod Go Bag. It’s open to the U.S. and Canada and closes on Sunday – I hope you will enter! Speaking of Sleepypod, I thought it was finally time to share some behind-the-scenes photos from our photo shoot from earlier in the year.

Photo Shoot Fun

Back in June (where has the time gone), Ross and I took Woodrow and Sophie to Pasadena for a photo shoot at the Sleepypod office. It’s about an hour away from our house. I wasn’t sure how they’d do, but they were of course perfect models.

Here are some fun photos from the day. These are the photos I took personally. Sleepypod had their own photographer on hand.

Sophie insisted on a carrier that matched her eye color.

white cat in a pet carrier

Modeling is so tiring.

white cat sleeping in a pet carrier

Perfect time for a snooze.

white cat sleeping in a pet carrier

Woodrow being attended to between shots.

tabby cat in pet carrier

Such a handsome boy!

tabby cat in a harness in front of a pet carrier

Sophie always cuddles at home in our Sleepypod. So, why not do the same at the photo shoot. Woodrow wasn’t so sure about it at first and hissed at her (she cuddles with Dexter at home, not Woodrow).

white cat crawling into pet carrier with tabby cat

Two peas in a Sleepypod.

white cat and a tabby cat together in a pet carrier

I mean, come on! Are they not the cutest little models?

white cat and a tabby cat together in a sleepypod mobile pet bed

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  1. They really are adorable and don’t seem to be bothered by the photography paraphernalia at all. The snuggle photo is fab – I imagine the Sleepypod folks thought so too!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy

  2. guyz! what a grate foto session ! and we send best fishez two
    everee one enterin yur contest ‼️‼️ heerz two a happee fry day
    anda grate weekz end 😺💙🐟‼️