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Chatty Cats: Gotchas, Biscuits and More!

Happy Friday! And welcome to December! Sophie celebrated her 9th gotcha day on Wednesday. And by celebrated, I mean she walked through the bowl of soup I was eating and then made a mess all over my desk by shaking her paw off. I’m still finding soup on things. Oh Sophie, just keeping things interesting. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Gotcha Day Disappointment

Sophie: Mama, I’m really disappointed with my present.
Mama: What present?
Sophie: The one that’s in this box.
Mama: But you’re in that box.
Sophie: Exactly.
Mama: You’re disappointed with yourself?
Sophie: I meant I’m disappointed that it’s not a purse!
Mama: That’s not what you said.
Sophie: But it’s what I meant!
Mama: Okay, well, happy gotcha day!
Sophie: You got me a purse?
Mama: That’s not what I said.
Sophie: But it’s what you meant! Right?

white cat sitting in an empty box

The Week in Photos

Dexter loafed about.

tabby cat with paws tucked in

Olive hung out sideways.

tortie cat with head curled upside down

Sophie made some biscuits.

white cat kneading into lap

Woodrow chilled on his cat shelf bed.

tabby cat sitting up high on a cat shelf

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  1. Never mind Sophie, maybe next year. Apart from no purse, I hope you had a lovely Gotchaversary.

  2. sophie…a happee bee lated gotcha day two ewe…yur mom dee served ta haz…
    yur toez …. in her soop ….for knot gettin ewe a purse!‼️‼️‼️heerz two nother
    100 gotchaz anda happee healthee yeer a head

    anda grate week end two all 💙😺‼️

  3. I bet if Sophie hadn’t lost so many of her “past purses” she would have a pretty darn good collection by now! Hope it was a happy GOTCHA anyway Sophie!

    Hugs, Teddy (and Mom)