white cat sleeping and resting head on back of tabby cat

Chatty Cats: Jealousy, Confusion and More!

Happy Friday! Olive had a dental on Monday this week. All went well! And unlike Woodrow, she didn’t need any teeth pulled. But to be fair, she already had her upper canines pulled a few years ago. Still, she’s holding it over Woodrow. How was your week?

Sophie vs. Olive (vs. Dexter)

sleeping white cat with head on sleeping tabby cat with tortie cat in the background
(I spy Olive in the background.)

Sophie: Oh, this tabby pillow is so comfy.
Olive: …
Sophie: Just like sleeping on a cloud.
Olive: …
Sophie: You really should try it sometime.

tortie cat looking upset

Olive: Alright, move along – it’s my turn to lie on Dexter!
Dexter: Does anyone care that I’m trying to sleep?
Olive/Sophie: No!

Meanwhile, in the cat room…Guster has entered the conversation.

tabby cat and dog sitting together on a pile of blankets

Guster: Woodrow, can I move yet?
Woodrow: No! We can’t let Mama put away this comfy pile of blankets.
Guster: But this is boring.
Woodrow: We’ve only been here three hours!
Guster: That’s like five years in dog time.
Woodrow: So, like two minutes in cat time?
Guster: Huh?
Woodrow: Huh?
Guster: Are you confused?
Woodrow: Maybe. ∗whispering∗ Probably.
Guster: You don’t know if you’re confused?
Woodrow: No! And it’s really quite confusing!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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white cat sitting on bathmat with cat artwork

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  1. sophie…that matt iz like de awesumest! N tell yur mom two go bak two de store
    and chex out de sherpa blankits! oh em cod, they R total kewl….AND…mom and
    dad can buy each one oh ewe ….a blankit for CHRISTMAS! YAY 😺😺😺‼️💚