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Chatty Cats: Discussions, Smiles and More!

Happy Friday! Did everyone have a nice week? Besides the time change drama of the cats thinking they’re being fed late, there wasn’t anything too exciting over here. You can check out Dexter’s demands for breakfast at 3:30 on Sunday morning (Instagram). We should be back on “schedule” this weekend. Hope you are, too!

Up For Discussion…Later

Dexter: Sophie, move!
Sophie: Nah.

tabby cat yawning behind white cat

Dexter: But I was here first!
Sophie: But I’m here now.

white cat yawning in front of tabby cat

Dexter: That’s not how it works!
Sophie: Let’s circle back on this after my nap.

tabby cat and white cat together on sofa chair

The Week in Photos

Woodrow felt a little self-conscious about his new smile now that he has no upper canines.

cute tabby cat sticking tongue out

Olive tried to provide moral support and showed off her fangless roar. Or more likely, she was laughing at him.

tortie cat yawning

Dexter eventually gave up and moved out from behind Sophie.

tabby cat lying on the back of a sofa chair

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  1. Woodrow, embrace your smile. It’s purrfect, just like Olive’s!

    Good thing Sophie left you room to move, Dexter. There is always the possibility that she’ll lay on top of you.

  2. guyz..we heer ya on de late food dee liveree … far R meelz haz been dee layed
    10 timez, may bee even 53 timez…. we sorta epic lee failed math in skewl…but we noe
    itz been at leest 319 timez 😼 happee week a head two ewe all 🐟💚🍀💙