tortie cat lying on back of sofa chair

Chatty Cats: Perils, Halloween and More!

Happy Friday! How did we end up in November already? I blinked and October disappeared. Same for you?

If you’re in the U.S., please check out our final giveaway in our enrichment series on Cat Lady Alley. We installed more cat shelves at our house, and the giveaway includes some of what you see below. Have a wonderful weekend!

two cats on cat shelves
New cat wall in my home office.

Home Office Perils

Sophie: Mama, move!
Mama: I’m working.
Sophie: You better move! I’m coming down!
Mama: Sophie…
Sophie: Incoming!!!

white cat jumping down from cat shelf

Sophie has decided jumping down onto my desk is the way to go sometimes. Oh, the joys of working from home with cats.

The Week in Photos

Sophie admired her beautiful leg.

white cat with leg in the air

Olive was embarrassed for her.

tortie cat grooming

Dexter comforted Sophie (and told her she has a nice leg, if not a bit stubby).

tabby cat and white cat sitting on chair together

Woodrow dressed up as an old man for Halloween.

tabby cat wearing sweater

Guster dressed up as an Uber for cats.

dog wearing cat on back

dog wearing cat on back

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  1. guyz….grate fotoz thiz week bye everee one…thatz for sure! we hope peepulz
    stopped bye yur houz on monday, rang de ding dong bell, gave ewe canned goodz
    and cash, and ewe all hada awesum howl o ween🧟‍♂️🦇🕷🎃💙💙🐟

  2. Uber for cats, LOL! Love the pics and the humor. And when I work from home, the second I’m focused or need to get on a Zoom meeting, Samantha is at my feet demanding attention…meeeeowwwww! Sometimes I have to go to the office for some peace. Ha!