white cat sitting next to five muse medallion medals

Chatty Cats: Muses, Dentals and More!

Happy Friday! I’m so excited to share that last weekend at the Cat Writers’ Association contest awards ceremony, I won five Muse Medallions! I won in these categories:

The video Muse is especially meaningful to me (Harley’s adoption story), as Harley is no longer with us. Congrats to all of the Muse winners! I’m honored to be in your company.

Excited Cats

four cats sleeping on a sofa chair

Mama: You guys! I won five Muse awards!
Olive: YOU won?
Mama: I mean, we won!
Dexter: Does that mean more treats?
Sophie: A new purse?
Mama: ∗sigh∗
Woodrow: Congrats, Mama.
Mama: Thank you, Woodrow!!
Woodrow: What are we talking about again?

The Week in Photos

Woodrow had his two upper canines removed on Friday last week. He’s recovering well. As you can see, he kicked back in his scratcher to relax.

leg sticking up while cat lays in scratcher bed

Sophie supervised my work. She said A for effort, B for execution, and D- for treat distribution to coworkers.

white cat sitting at desk

Olive waited in line to use the scratcher.

tortie cat sitting near tabby cat

Dexter turned in for the night.

tabby cat with head on blanket

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white cat sticking head inside cardboard box

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  1. guyz….eggz cited catz iz like de best foto ! total lee awesum 😺
    N conga ratz two yur mom…‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️how kewl iz that 💙💚🍀
    harley, will head over two de you tube place and give yur moovee
    984 pawz up ! happee week everee one ;)