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Chatty Cats: Ollie and Olive

We’ve arrived at another Friday, but I can’t begin our post with our usual “Happy Friday” salutation. That’s because there was so much loss in the cat blogging community this past week. CK lost TW, and Brian and Sage ran off to the rainbow bridge. Our hearts go out to their families. Hug your kitties tight, friends. And we hope your weekend is filled with lots of love and cuddles.

Ollie and Olive

I took Olive and Woodrow in for routine vet exams on Monday. The office cat is Ollie. He came over to say hello to Olive. (Woodrow is in the blue carrier on the ground.)

tabby cat sniffing pet carrier

Ollie: Don’t worry, I’ll save you!
Olive: Who are you?
Ollie: Your cat in shining armor.
Olive: I don’t need no saving!
Woodrow: I do!

The Week in Photos

Olive is double-thinking that cat in shining armor offer.

tortie cat in red sleeypod carrier at vet

Woodrow can’t believe that Ollie didn’t save him.

tabby cat lying on blanket

Dexter tried to kick Sophie out of his spot.

tabby cat and white cat together on chair

Sophie found a new (better) spot.

white cat lying on blanket

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  1. So sorry to hear about the loss of so many babies.

    Thank you for reminding me about your blog about the cat grass. I’ve been wanting to get some for my cats, and you made it easy.

  2. Hope both youngsters got good vet reports – So Ollie has a crush on Olive or does he crush on every pretty girl cat that comes in to see the vet? I love the community in the Cat Blogosphere and because there are so many of us, it seems we experience loss more frequently than when we were a smaller group…..experiencing it more often does NOT – however – make it any less sad or difficult to lose a friend.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy

  3. It’s been a heartbreaking week. Our vet has an office cat too, named Goose. Mudpie wasn’t very friendly towards him at her recent visits!

  4. I’ll bet some kitties were glad when that trip is over. Thank you so much for your kind words on the passing of our dear Brian. We all sincerely appreciate your kindness and your friendship.

    Dad Terry

  5. This has been a sad week. All your sweet faces help cheer us up though. So you had to go to the dreaded vets. XO