Chatty Cats: Physics and Geometry

Happy Friday! Did everyone have a good week? Just a friendly reminder that Remember Me Thursday is next week. I’ll be posting on social media on Thursday to help shine a light on shelter pets waiting for their forever homes. I’ve blogged about it a few times before, and you can check out one of our past posts to learn more about the special day. Will you be participating?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Physics and Geometry

two tabby cats next to mini pool table

Woodrow: Up for a game of pool?
Dexter: No! Last time, you took forever to set up your shots.
Woodrow: It’s all about physics and geometry.
Dexter: But you don’t know either of those things.
Woodrow: Exactly. That’s why it took forever. Now rack ’em up!
Dexter: Pass.

tabby cat jumping over mini pool table while another cat watches

The Week in Photos

Sophie said she’d play a game of pool with Woodrow.

white cat sitting on mini pool table

Woodrow got ready for the match by sharpening his claws.

Dexter tried to help Woodrow set up his shots.

tabby cat eyeing shot at mini pool table

Olive watched from the sidelines.

pretty tortie cat lying on couch

Our cute new mini pool table is featured in our latest Cat Lady Alley post: 10 Cat Enrichment Ideas for a Happy and Healthy Cat

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15 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Physics and Geometry

  1. I love that pool table! I saw the video on Instagram and ran around the office showing it to everyone. The cat peeps all said they HAD to have one, I feel the same. Thanks for sharing such a cool new cat toy!

  2. guyz….we hafta add mit we epic failed at skewl in math N we
    never took fizz eekz…but hay, we did grate at LUNCH BRAKE!
    happee week a head two all…that pool tablez like de awesumest ! 🍀🐟‼️

  3. Great way to let out your frustration….a pool table! Of course having a wrestling match works for that frustration thing too but pool is a BIT more civilized!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

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