white cat with heartbeat plushie

Chatty Cats: Ottomans, Plushies and More!

Happy Friday! Did everyone in the U.S. have a nice Labor Day on Monday? And did everyone else have a nice regular Monday? We sure hope so! And here’s to having a wonderful weekend.

So, it’s staying?

tortie cat lying on ottoman

Mama: Will you move?
Olive: Why?
Mama: I’m getting rid of the ottoman.
Olive: …
Mama: You’re not gonna move, are you?
Olive: I’m glad we’ve come to an agreement.

We got a new sofa for the cat room. I temporarily moved this ottoman into my office while the furniture movers were here. That was four weeks ago. I don’t think the cats will let me get rid of it. It’s really in the way, though! Do I dare…?

The Week in Photos

Sophie contemplated drinking from my large glass of ice water.

white cat looking at glass of water

Woodrow hung out on a cat shelf. Apparently, there was no room for his paw or his tail.

tabby cat resting on cat shelf

Dexter’s cute legs stood on some grass.

cat with white legs standing on cat grass

Olive took a blooper selfie.

blurry shot of tortie cat

Last weekend, I drove up to Best Friends in Los Angeles and donated five heartbeat plushies thanks to Calmeroos. Read about it on Cat Lady Alley: 7 Ways a Heartbeat Stuffed Animal Can Reduce Anxiety in Your Cat.

shelter cat looking at calmeroos boxes

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  1. Awwww…..sweet photos as always of the gang. It’s so funny about furniture – if you move something somewhere else that the cats KNOW isn’t a new item, they treat it like it’s brand new and the best thing EVER….Ted does that – I think they like a little change of atmosphere once in a while! What a precious idea Calmeroos are…..perfect in fact!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too