tabby cat in morning sunlight

Chatty Cats: Perfect Kitties

Happy Friday and happy September! It’s been a long week, so I’m looking forward to the holiday weekend here in the US. While it won’t be a restful one necessarily, at least it’s the weekend. We hope everyone gets lots of kitty cuddles wherever you are!

Perfect Tortie

tortie cat loafing on armrest

Mama: Look how talented you are!
Olive: Are you mocking me?
Mama: No, you’re balanced perfectly on that armrest.
Olive: I am a tortie. Torties do everything perfectly.
Mama: Oh, right. I forgot.
Olive: Now are you mocking me?

The Week in Photos

Olive continued to be perfect.

tortie cat sitting in pet bed

Sophie said it’s hard to be as perfect as Olive.

blooper photo of white cat sitting close to camera

Woodrow doesn’t worry about perfection.

tabby cat squinting one eye

Neither does Dexter.

tabby cat with food all over his face

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tortie cat looking at robot vacuum

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