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Chatty Cats: Tropical Storms and Earthquakes!

Happy Friday! As many know, a tropical storm moved through Southern California last Sunday. The first to hit the area in 84 years, apparently! Then, a minor earthquake hit at the same time north of Los Angeles to add some excitement. We only got rain where we are, no flooding. And I also didn’t feel the earthquake, although others did around me. It’s funny how fault lines work.

Also, we’re giving away a Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed over on Cat Lady Alley! It’s open to U.S. and Canadian residents. I’d love it if you’d enter! (It closes Sunday evening.)

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend! (No chat this week, just some cute photos!)

The Week in Photos

Dexter tucked his tail around his tucked in paws.

tabby cat with tail wrapped around

Woodrow took a nap in a sunny spot.

tabby cat sleeping on sofa chair

Sophie didn’t like her lunch.

white cat with funny look on her face

Olive called savesies before getting up. (She saw Dexter lurking back there.)

tortie cat yawning with tabby cat in the background

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  1. I like the cat tree in the first picture. Looking to replace one of my sad looking ones. When “upholstered” with fluffy fabric, they are hard to keep clean (at least with my cats!). Looks like your crew had a great week!

  2. Glad you are all OK, I have a sister in Huntington Beach and they were fine too – what a crazy day in CA!

    Kitties, you are all so cute! Good move on the save Olive.

  3. Global warming is causing some really strange weather events! Glad you are all ok! We had 2 nights (last night and the night before) of extremely severe storms, worst I’ve been through in a while. A few tornadoes but thankfully not near us. Lots of flooding……crazy times.

  4. guyz….we iz buzzed happee ewe are aye oh kay…..yeow, noe doubt that waz a day for de recordz
    what with everee thing that happened…heerz hopin yur week end iz quiet, fun, happee and healtheez 💚🐟🍀💙

  5. Glad you weren’t affected by the storm or earthquake. Dexter is cute with his tucked in paws.

  6. Those are definitely some cute photos of you all! We were thinking of you and all of our pals in Southern California during that nature’s fury stuff. We sure are glad you are okay!