tortie cat and tabby cat together in a pet bed

Chatty Cats: Woodrow vs. the Puppy

Happy Friday! This month seems to be rushing by. I thought August just started, but we’re over halfway through it already! Who’s responsible for slowing down the month? I want to speak with them. We hope everyone had a good week, and we wish everyone a wonderful weekend!

Puppy Energy

tabby cat and terrier mix dog on couch

Guster: Mama, mama, mama, mama!!!
Mama: Yes?
Guster: Hiiiiiiiii!
Mama: Hi, Guster.
Woodrow: Mama?
Mama: Yes?
Woodrow: Will you come get him?
Guster: I’ll come to you, Mama!!!

tabby cat and terrier mix dog on couch

Guster is now 10 months old and is still a bundle of energy! Woodrow is the only cat who hangs out with him, but he’s growing on the others slowly. Very slowly.

The Week in Photos

Guster gave Sophie a kiss.

terrier mix dog sniffing white cat

Dexter lounged in the sun.

tabby cat lying in the sun

Woodrow looked for Sophie’s purse under the chair.

tabby cat sticking head out of cat house tent looking under chair

Olive was bored.

tortie cat yawning

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  1. It is nice that Woodrow and Guster hang out together. That was a sweet kiss he gave Sophie.

  2. Guster is so darn cute and I do believe he might be “growing” on the cats! Wouldn’t that be nice? First time you walk by Guster’s bed and you see one of the cats curled up with him you will know you have WON the “let’s all be buddies” war!

    Hugs, Pam

  3. Sweet photo of Guster giving Sophie a kiss. I am glad he is fitting in with them even if it is taking a long time. XO

  4. We love that Guster is growing on al the cats, but in the meantime, how sweet that Woodrow hangs out with him. Stay safe in that crazy hurricane weather, friends. XO

  5. guyz….we hope ewe all stay safe….we hurd bout de crazed storm thatz headed yur way…YEOW ~~~~make sure mom and dad stok up on canned goodz and treetz and sophie due knot looze yur purse ~~~♥♥♥♥