white cat sitting in sunny spot on chair

Chatty Cats: CatCon, the Sun and More!

Happy Friday! As some may know, I attended CatCon in Pasadena this past weekend! It was a lot of fun, and I came home with some cute items – but no kitten. Phew! You can read my full write-up at Cat Lady Alley. But here’s a video I made as well. Enjoy!

Woodrow’s Options

Woodrow: Mama, the sun is in my eye.
Mama: So move.
Woodrow: I don’t wanna.
Mama: Then close your eyes.
Woodrow: I’m not sleepy.
Mama: You could wait it out. The sun will move soon.
Woodrow: No!
Mama: You could keep complaining and not solve your problem.
Woodrow: Let’s go with that option.

tabby cat sitting in sunny spot on chair

The Week in Photos

Sophie looked expectantly at me. I’m not sure what she expected.

white cat with blue eyes sitting on desk

Olive positioned her selfie herself(ie).

tortie cat looking at camera

Dexter licked his lips.

tabby cat with tongue out looking at camera

After our conversation, Woodrow let his eyes rest, but only for a moment!

tabby cat sitting in sunny spot on chair

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  1. That looks like a great event. How did you manage not to bring one of those adorable kitties home with you?
    Great selfie, Olive. Lovely photos of everyone.