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Chatty Cats: The Standoff

Happy Friday! The heat continued here this week. But so did the cuteness. We hope you had a wonderful week. And here’s to a wonderful weekend as well!

The Standoff

Woodrow: What are you doing here?
Dexter: Sitting.
Woodrow: But I reserved the desk for today.
Dexter: But I got here first.
Woodrow: That’s not how reservations work.
Dexter: It appears it is how they work.
Woodrow: Mama, a little help!
Mama: I’m trying to work. You both gotta go.
Woodrow: Why does no one respect the reservation system?! I’ll be filing a complaint with management!

The Week in Photos

Olive supervised my work from under the computer monitor.

tortie cat peeking from behind computer monitor

Sophie examined her floof.

white cat looking at her fur

Dexter reflected on his day.

tabby cat sitting funny on a bed

Woodrow helped with an unboxing.

tabby cat digging through a catladybox

Speaking of unboxing, we have a giveaway over at Cat Lady Alley. It’s for a gift certificate to CatLadyBox – and it’s open to both the U.S. and Canada! We hope you’ll enter!

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  1. you have to throw a towel with your name on da desk like the tourists do it with the beach chairs… then it is really reserved for you… happy weekend to da chatty cats

  2. Your house must run their reservation system like the cancer center TW goes to. Appointments? What are those?
    Olive, isn’t it too hot under the monitor when the weather is so hot?