white cat resting on desk

Chatty Cats: All About Mama

Happy Friday! This week the Cat Writers’ Association announced their Certificate of Excellence winners. I’m excited to share that I received a COE for every entry I submitted! A big congratulations to all of the winners. And a huge thank you to the contest judges and organizers. Here are my categories!

All About Mama

four cats on comfy sofa chair together

Olive: What are we going to do about this?
Woodrow: About what?
Olive: Mama talked all about herself! Not a peep about us today!
Dexter: Let’s let her have this one.
Olive: Absolutely not! I’ll barf in her shoes. You scratch up the couch.
Sophie: A little harsh?
Olive: Okay, I’ll scratch up the couch. You barf in her shoes. Let’s go!

The Week in Photos

Olive took over the Sleepypod this week.

tortie cat in blue pet bed

Dexter was grumpy because he had to share.

grumpy tabby cat in pet bed

Woodrow was oblivious and focused on his tummy.

tabby cat grooming his belly

Sophie thought about her purse.

white cat resting on desk

Certificate of Excellence Photos

Here are my entries for the photo category.


white cat on counter with reflection

Moral Support

tabby cat and white cat cuddling

Floating Floof

tortie cat looks at fur floating in airBig-Eyed Boy

tabby cat with big eyes looking up

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  1. guyz. we iz BUZZED HAPPEE for yur mom…how total lee, awesum lee, soooper grate lee, kewl, iz thiz !!! conga ratz two her, theez a wardz iz veree well dee served …and now EWE all dee serve sum snax and treetz and toyz…bee cauz ,,,,,afturr all…ewe made thiz poss abull :) ♥♥♥♥ YAY !!!!

  2. Congratulations! Very well-deserved certificates! I’m happy to see you and your fur babies recognized, and I love the video of Harley.

  3. The photo titled Moral Support is so adorable. Congrats on all your well-deserved Certificates. XO