Chatty Cats: Who Am I?

Happy Friday! Dexter was back at the vet this week for an ultrasound for his tummy troubles. Unfortunately, they saw something, so he needs to go back again next week. I’ll give a better update when I know more. Long story short, he’s been vomiting. While on meds, he’s fine (eats and acts fine), but of course we want to know what’s going on.

Wishing everyone a nice Memorial Day weekend here in the US (and just a nice weekend everywhere else).

Who Am I?

tabby cat with shaved tummy sitting on ground
Dexter just home from the vet.

Dexter: ∗whispering∗ Mama, who am I?
Mama: Still a little loopy from the anesthesia?
Dexter: All my belly furs are gone. Am I turning into Woodrow?!?
Mama: ∗giggles∗ No, but would that be so bad?
Dexter: … Are you loopy from anesthesia?

The Week in Photos

Woodrow shows off his furless belly (he overgrooms).

tabby cat with pink tummy lying on side

The day after his ultrasound, Dexter looked all bright-eyed and busy-tailed.

cute tabby cat sitting on the arm of a sofa chair

Olive supervised my work.

tortie cat leaning on computer mouse

Sophie reviewed my day planner (to ensure snack time was accounted for.)

white cat looking at planner calendar

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24 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Who Am I?

  1. Keep us up to date on Dexter. My Gracie is a barfer. A lot! So far the x-rays only showed she was constipated. We have tried different things but so far nothing works consistently and there is no firm answer.

  2. I hope Dexter’s vet appointment gives you concrete information that show something easily treatable. Try not to worry too much, which is difficult with our babies. I’m glad the rest of the team is keeping things normal and on track. 💜

  3. YEOW dood…werd round de trout pond iz ewe haz an alienz in yur belly….we hope ewe can get sooper better sooper quik, sendin de manee blessingz oh st francis two ewe…N speekin oh perch,
    may bee THAT wood help yur stomach…..bee well, get well, stay well….❤️❤️signed: uz trouterz who canna vizit much any mor🐟🐟🐟

  4. Hoping all is well with Dexter!!! If they suggest exploratory surgery….DON’T!! (Based on the freak event that happened with my Cody). Roary just had emergency bladder stone surgery yesterday (he was full of gravel and he won’t even be 3 years old til June 10th). Haven’t blogged about it yet……might or might not but I did post about it on Facebook. Sending purrs and prayers!

  5. Sending Dexter purrayers and POTP that all goes well with his exams and he is better soon.

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