Chatty Cats: Lazy Mama

Happy Friday! Did everyone have a nice week? This week seemed to go by quickly, so it’s nice that it’s already the weekend! I hope your weekend is filled with lots of kitty cuddles.

Lazy Mama

tabby cat with paw in the air

Woodrow: Mama, bring it closer!
Mama: Or you could get off the chair and catch it.
Woodrow: Or you could bring it closer!
Mama: Someone’s being lazy.
Woodrow: So we’re agreed. You’re being lazy!

tabby cat playing with toy

The Week in Photos

Woodrow relaxed after all that lazy playing.

tabby cat sitting awkwardly

Dexter showed off his big eyes.

tabby cat with big green eyes

Olive was a little weird.

tortie cat yawning

Sophie was very weird.

white cat looking upside down on desk

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