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Chatty Cats: Sophie’s Promise

Happy Friday! Well, Sophie had the best week ever. If you know even a tiny bit about Sophie, you can probably guess why. Here’s hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Sophie’s Promise

white cat looking at small purse

Mama: Someone has mail!
Sophie: Is it a new purse for me?
Mama: Why do you always automatically go to a new purse?
Sophie: Well, is it one?
Mama: Actually, yes. Your BFF Leigh sent it to you.
Sophie: Squeeeeeeeeeee!!! Gimme, gimme, gimme!
Mama: You know what I’m going to say next…
Sophie: I promise I won’t lose it!!
Mama: You shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep.
Sophie: Just hand it over and we’ll see how it goes.

Thank you, Leigh, for sending Sophie another purse to lose! So far, so good.

The Week in Photos

Sophie kept her eyes locked on her new purse!

white cat pawing at small purse

Woodrow checked for monsters under my blanket.

tabby cat looking under blanket

Olive wanted a boop.

close up of tortie cat's nose

Dexter (and Sophie) watched me eat my snack.

tabby cat and white cat looking at something

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  1. OhMyGosh, Sophie has a new purse! A big thank you to her BFF Leigh for sending it, It’s such a cute purse too!
    Olive gets a boop from me. Hope Woodrow didn’t find any skeery monsters and that Mama shared a teeny bit of her snack.
    Happy Weekend Chatty Cats and Peeps!

  2. What a darling purse and you are such a good girl for keeping an eye on it Sophie! Boops to you Olive! You two are really intent upon your Mama’s snack, yikes!

  3. Sophie, that is the cutest purse ever. I hope you don’t lose it. I wonder if you don’t actually lose them- maybe one of your siblings hides them on you.. :) XO

  4. Well Sophie that purse is adorable AND I sincerely hope that you don’t lose that one into the black hole like all the others! Love all the photos but the one of Dexter and Sophie watching Mom eat a snack is – well – perfect – that look of longing on those faces…….”Moooooooom! You should be SHARING!”

    Hugs, Pam