Chatty Cats: Airplane Ears, Part 2

Happy Friday! The sun said hello here this week. It was a nice change, and the cats took full advantage of the sunpuddles. We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Airplane Ears, Part 2

Mama walks out of her office.

tabby cat with airplane ears

Mama: Oh, hello.
Woodrow: …
Mama: What?
Woodrow: …
Mama: Use your words, Woodrow!
Woodrow: …
Mama: Fine, I’ll feed you!

The Week in Photos

Sophie’s tail got too close to Dexter.

white cat's tail near yawning tabby cat

Olive looked stunning in the sun. Sophie looked…like Sophie.

white cat in background with tortie cat looking at camera

Okay, she’s pretty cute.

white cat sleeping in a sunpuddle

Woodrow couldn’t believe that he still hadn’t been fed.

tabby cat yawning

I posted some Mother’s Day Cards over at Cat Lady Alley this week.

Mother's Day Cards from Cat Lady Alley

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15 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Airplane Ears, Part 2

  1. Always look forward to an update from the “Chatties” !! Looks like everyone is happy – especially Woodrow who looked downright pitiful until you fed him…………LOL

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. Dexter, you didn’t bite Sophie’s tail did you? You are all so cute. Have a wonderful weekend. XO

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